The Consequences of Running From The Law


If you have been involved in an accident and decide to flee from the scene, the situation is then referred to as a hit and run. While a hit and run can define the involvement in a car accident with another vehicle, a motorcycle, or a pedestrian, motorcycle hit and runs are unfortunately quite common. The decision to leave the scene of the accident before the police have arrived and before you are able to identify yourself is a fatal error that is considered a criminal offence. Whether you have knocked down a pedestrian and caused significant injuries, or simply bumped a car while leaving a parking lot, the consequences of leaving the scene can be crippling.

Statistics show that motorcycle hit and run accidents are fast becoming an epidemic. As a result of the unfortunate rise in statistics, motorcycle accident attorneys are now available to represent the victims and help them to recover the damages from injuries sustained, as well as the pain and suffering caused. Running from the law is never a great idea, in the event that law enforcement is able to locate the driver that is responsible, the driver may face jail time. The penalties for this crime may vary in different states, although, the responsible driver may face felony charges.

The Devastating Impact

Accidents involving motorcycles often result in more severe injuries in comparison to most other types of accidents. This is likely due to the unfortunate fact that motorcycles are unable to provide drivers with significant protection during a collision. Even though drivers are required to wear protective gear such as heavy leather jackets, protective gloves, and a helmet, the items often fail to provide significant protection and collisions often result in death, brain damage, dismemberment, spinal cord injuries, and various other injuries that can greatly affect the victims quality of life. In instances when the responsible driver flees the scene, the victim may never be able to recover their losses and receive compensation for the unsettling damages. However, even though locating the responsible party may be a difficult task, law enforcement are dedicated to investing the situations as thoroughly as possible

The Concerns Of Locating The Responsible Party

It can be most devastating for the victim of the accident to consider the possibility that the responsible party may not be located. What’s more, it is not at all uncommon for the driver to be located after a hit and run and the victim later discovers that they either have no insurance coverage or very little. Furthermore, they could also be an unlicensed driver with no available assets to compensate for the victim’s losses. This can become a crippling concern for victims as they may wonder if they are ever likely to receive relative compensation.

Surprisingly, even if law enforcement is unable to locate the driver, or if the driver has insignificant insurance coverage, you can still recover your damages. If you have suitable insurance coverage you may be able to seek compensation.

The Importance Of A Professional Attorney

In the event that you are seeking compensation from your insurance, a professional motorcycle accident attorney will be vital. As many insurance companies attempt to reject claims for victims, an attorney will be able to ensure that you are treated fairly and that you will receive appropriate compensation. It is important to establish that you are correctly covered by your insurance company for this type of claim. A professional attorney will be able to fight for your rights as the victim of a hit and run accident. Because it is unlikely that you will be able to defend yourself and approach the insurance company with adequate knowledge of the law, the lack of an attorney’s presence can risk a low settlement offer or even no settlement at all.

Once you have appropriate legal representation, your attorney will be able to review your medical records and determine the most appropriate compensation. Your losses will include possible hospital bills, doctors consultations, medications, treatments such as physiotherapy, as well as any time lost at work, travel expenses, damages to your motorcycle, and even pain and suffering that resulted from the experience. The assistance of a professional attorney will help provide you with much-needed confidence to seek the compensation that you are entitled to. Even if the accident is considered a minor accident, you should still seek compensation for all of the relevant losses that resulted from the experience.


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