Do We Have to Love Our Work?


There’s a lot of pressure in being an employee. Not all people really love the things they are doing. Whether you’re an insurance salesman or a writer for, the issue of loving one’s work is a subject already as old as time and yet as timely as ever. You probably need more time to understand the importance of this topic, but if you want a guide to help you understand whether loving one’s work is the most important part of your work, you might want to read this guide.

1Loving Will Make Things Easy

No one will doubt that loving what you do would make things easy for you to do. When you choose to love the things that you do or experience, you feel less stressed, and you feel that things are not too hard to do. This is especially true when you’re grinding away at your 9 to 5 job.

It can be draining to do your routine work every day, but when you find a way to love what you do, things will work smoothly for you. There is even a study that the way you choose how you see your work will dictate the kind of success you get in your work.

2Feeling Good Boosts Productivity

This might sound like we’re just trying to make you feel a bit better in your work, but there’s wisdom when someone says that when you feel good about your work, then you get to do more, and your quality and productivity increase. Working without loving the work you do can be thankless and challenging all day and all night. How can you expect to go on for days doing that same routine task when you can’t even imagine doing it for the next hour?

3Loving Will Give It Meaning

There are many practices that will remind you that loving your job will make your life happier. If you have a sense in what you do, not a senseless minute will pass by. Everything just moves smoothly, and everything you do becomes overriding for you.

4Loving Is Optimism

When you start loving what you do, you won’t mention how fast the time flies at work. Every minute spent at your working place will help you become a real specialist. The experience you get at your work is not just a job that pays the bills. It will be the work of your life, and the more you concentrate on it, the more your optimism will grow.

5Loving Is To Be Creative

You always want to be promoted, and your career means everything to you. When you choose to love your work or find ways that you can love your work, you can become creative. Wherever you are, things will just be unique and full of inspiration. You just see things in a different light or lens, and whatever you face will be full of love and creativity, and every work difficulty will be easy to overcome.

6Loving Makes You Indestructible

You already know that love will make you indestructible facing difficulties and external challenges in life. When you’re detached from your work though you love what you do, then you’d have more chances of appreciating the things around you. This means that whatever difficulty you face in your work, it will just be nothing because that’s not something that will distract you from your purpose.

7Loving Gives You Passion

When you’re looking for an adrenaline drive to become the best at your work so you can get promoted. The best trick you can consider is to love your work. The passion that will drive you to places and help you land big contracts will be from the love that you choose to see in your work. It’s this passion that will generate you the ideas that can help you land the contract you want or get that dream job you have so long wished your entire career.

8Loving Your Work Is An Investment

When you love your work, you are showing that it is important enough and that it is worth your time. It indicates that you can put your life into it, that it is valuable enough that you can exchange your precious time with it even if it’s tedious, thankless, and mentally draining. This kind of investment and attitude is what gets you to love your work. Just imagine the kind of investment you have for building IKEA furniture. You clearly love your IKEA furniture because you invested your time in it. And that’s one symbol of loving the work.

9Loving Is Fulfilling Your Purpose

There’s not a lot of ways out there that can compare to how love can give your life meaning and purpose. Loving the work you do means that you are moving to the main aim of your life, and when you put your mind into it, it will be something that will make your life even more worth living. You’ve got many things to do every day, but none can be as fulfilling as the love you put into going through the mundane tasks at your workplace.

So, summing up, love what you do, it is really significant for your work success. If you really love your job, it will bring not only money but much pleasure.


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