DIY – Tips to Make Your Home and Office Secure


Have you just booked a home? Or, are you planning to do the same? Do you have any such intention to open an office out there for your new home based business? Well, for this, this post, with a number of easy DIY tips for home office security, is going to come to your great aid.

It becomes your utter responsibility to secure your home based business with utmost ardor and commitment. To protect your Pune property, it’s always important to take the best care of it. When you have to safeguard all the important business data, you have also got to keep your office space safe from every sort of trouble or irritant. Right from the office space to a little software that can be hacked any time to make your business get collapsed; and in order to avert such untoward situation, you should always make sure that your office is secured under the best protection.

In today’s technology driven world, a lot of user friendly security platforms are available to keep your data safe on the cloud. It’s very crucial to protect your home office from every possible threat. Here are listed some of the best DIY tips to keep your home office safe and secured.

Keeping your home office safe from burglars

Property crimes that involve burglary and larceny are very rampant these days. However, one of the best ways how you can scare the burglars away is by hiring good security and monitoring services and by installing surveillance camera as well as alarm systems.

In case, you want to avoid paying the monthly fees for security services, you can choose the following options to secure your home office:

Protect the basic:

Most burglars are not very sophisticated at their work. Mostly, they enter through the front door, through the first floor windows and through the side entryways. So, by locking all the doors and windows, you can always minimize the risk of being robbed considerably. You can also put some money into smart home security systems that can be paid in just one time. This investment will turn out to be highly beneficial. Such security systems consist of windows and door sensors along with a mobile app that will make you alert as soon as the doors and windows are tampered.

It makes sense to have a secluded work area:

Keeping your work space away from the rest of your home provides an added level of security. Keep your business equipment, documents and backup drives in a secluded inside room, so that it stays untouched even if the burglars manage to break into your house.

As per the nature of your business, you might also want to use separate WI-FI network for your residence and your office. For example, PCI compliance suggests that you segregate your home and office network, if you want to keep all your business information in the safe chest.  This will secure your office online activities even when your family members are using the same internet, as the networks will be separate.

It’s safe to use a Cloud based password manager:

In case your devices get stolen, a cloud based password manager will prevent the thieves to access your online accounts through these devices. You will be enabled to keep the perfect charge of your credentials by using only one single master password. This adds a robust layer of security to your business.

You needn’t worry about any robbery or theft, as password managers also accept information like credit card numbers, bank accounts, and receipts. This gives you a protected, centralized location for your complete business data. Once you have the master password, the data can be retrieved from other devices too. Sounds fool proof and convenient, right?

Protection from calamities:

It is important to be ready to guard your office assets against natural calamities like fire breakout, as any natural disaster can destroy your important business information just in a go and make you tread back to the scratch. Also, always get insured against these mishaps. Here are some other tips you can use –

Fireproofing your storage

Documents such as business papers, insurance papers and passports are crucial to every business. In order to protect them, keep them in a fireproof box which is safely placed in a secure location.

Create backups that are offsite

It’s wise to have a backup service at a remote place away from office, so that you protect your business against burglary and any probable natural blow.

Guarding against power flux

Power fluctuations can corrupt your data. So try to connect all your electronic equipments in a way that doesn’t let you lose a single business record or figure.

What about encrypting your Wi-Fi?

This is again one of the most effective ways how you can keep your home office secured. Before the access to your Wi-Fi network becomes public and all your important information gets leaked, make sure that you encrypt the network with a password. Especially, wireless routers never come with any security. To protect the set-up, you need to place a strong encryption password and use the same password on your device as well, so that you can easily connect to the network without taking much toil. Setting a password of up to 65 characters will always help, as it will be hard to be decoded by any unauthorized entree. Also, try to add as many special characters and mixed upper & lower case characters as possible. Now, in case, you have some employees working under your clout, you should always take care of the fact that your employees never get to know about the encryption password. In such situation, you can also create individual username and password for each employee, with the intention that even if a device is lost or stolen, it won’t be tough on your part to repeal the admittance for the particular user rather than changing the encryption password in all the systems.

So, what are you still bothered about? Make the best use of all these tips and enjoy a good business that is well protected.


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