I’ve heard a lot about vision boards. Many of my friends have one too. What I didn’t know was that there are vision board apps too. But once I discovered that you can make a digital vision board, there was no excuse left and I finally downloaded a couple of apps to create my first vision board.

Researching : Always The First Step

Since I had never used vision board apps before, I had no idea what to expect and which ones are good. So I researched online about the best vision board apps and how they should be used. I finally rounded up to 2 apps, one free and one paid. I used both of them to know whether it would be a good investment or not to continue using a paid app. And after a couple weeks, I realized that the paid app is worth the money.

Making multiple Digital Vision Boards

I started with one vision board and later realized that maybe one cannot cover all of the things I wanted on my digital vision board. So I decided to create more than one and categorize the stuff I wanted to put up on the boards. I dedicated one board for each category. This not only organised my vision boards but also my thoughts.

The categories I created were basically inspired by my daily routine. I dedicated one digital vision board to each of my classes. Each one included the weekly targets I set for myself and the assignments I wanted to complete in that week.

I created another one for my hobbies and put up pictures of the things I wanted to try. It was more like a bucket list for interesting things I wanted to learn. I am not too career oriented, but I still created one board for my career goals and included a list of academic achievement I want to have by the end of this year like becoming the chief editor of annual school magazine and getting into one of the top 3 law colleges of the country. But since I am more focused on my current performance instead of career, I pay more attention to completing my class related goals.

Finally, A Physical One Too

Creating so many digital vision boards helped me develop a liking to the concept. So after years of postponing, I finally got down to creating a physical vision board for my room wall. I set it up right in front of my bed’s headboard, because that’s where I spend most of my time when I’m home. I made this one more like a collage of things I want in general, that make me happy. For example, I want to have golden retrievers in future. I have a beautiful picture of a golden retriever dog on my board. I love fairy lights, so I have put up a picture of that too. I’ve paid special attention towards making the board aesthetically pleasing. So, I have put up a lot of pictures only because I find them pretty.

To Sum It All Up

If you don’t have any experience with vision boards, like me, you should start with vision board apps. They help a lot and it’s really easy to create a digital vision board.  You don’t have to collect any supplies or print things, just download an app and you’re good to start a new journey. If you feel motivated enough later, you can create a physical one too. You just have to remember that you’re creating them for yourself. So mould them according to your needs and add in whatever you like.


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