A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Green Energy


Want to learn more about the green energy types that are available? Read on to discover  different forms of green energy and its sources.

About one billion people live in cities worldwide that are shifting away from fossil fuels. Instead, we’re learning to rely on different types of green energy to protect the planet.

Cities account for 55% of the global population, yet use about 75% of energy. Cities are also responsible for about 75% of carbon emissions. Making the switch to green energy can minimize air pollution and other issues.

Want to learn more about the green energy types that are available? Read on to discover five different forms of green energy.

After reading this guide, you can prepare yourself to make the switch. Keep reading to learn more!

Types Of Green Energy Sources

Solar Power

As you explore these different types of green energy, consider adding solar panels to your home. Solar panels harvest the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells.

These cells capture electrons that contain the sun’s light rays.

Solar installations across the US could quadruple by 2030. Already, we have enough solar power capacity installed to power 17.7 million homes in the country.

Solar panels are already used on homes and cars. We use them for agriculture purposes, too.

You can reach out to a solar panel installation company like Blue Raven to start harvesting the sun’s rays. Then, you can experience the many green energy benefits (including cost savings) firsthand!

Wind Energy

If you want to start using green energy this year, consider using the wind.

Wind farms are becoming more prevalent throughout the world. A windmill community uses large, propeller-like blades. These blades rotate using the window.

Then, the strength of the wind is channeled to generators in order to produce electricity.

Most wind farms are privately owned. The electricity is produced and then sold to public utility companies.

This form of green energy doesn’t produce pollutants. However, it’s noisy and expensive.


More people are generating power using water. Hydropower involves using water from a stream or river to spin turbines. The turbines then produce energy.

Hydropower is an expensive option for green energy. It can also impact water quality and wildlife.


Hydrogen is one of the newer types of green energy we use today. It’s usually used in cars or to heat buildings.

Hydrogen and oxygen electrolytes intermingle to produce an electric charge. Then, they’re held in a battery. The only by-product they create is water.

However, the cost is currently too high for mass use.


Geothermal energy is gaining popularity, too. This method uses natural heat from below the earth’s surface.

However, natural land sites are limited. Emissions are low, though. We also don’t have to worry about the weather or time of day to produce energy using thermal techniques.

Going Green: Exploring the Different Types of Green Energy

Interested in going green this year? Consider the different types of green energy that are available today. Using options like solar energy can help you cut energy costs.

At the same time, you can protect the environment by limiting your production of harmful by-products.

Searching for more tips? We have plenty!

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