Are You in Deep Water? How to Deal With Home Water Damage


An estimated 15 million homes are at risk of flooding due to natural disasters–and these home water damage statistics don’t include incidents like bursting pipes or overflowing toilets!

Whether your entire home or a single room is affected by flooding, you’re going to have to deal with home water damage.

Left unattended, home water damage can lead to structural issues and mold that can impact both your home value and your safety.

Read on to find out what to do if you find yourself in deep water.

Shut Off Your Main Water Valve

If the flooding is still occurring, you need to shut off the source. Head to your basement or outdoor utility wall and look for your main water valve. Most main water valves look like a small wheel or lever.

Turn the valve all the way to the right in order to shut off your water supply. This will stop your pipes from bringing more water into your home.

Dry Out the Area

Now that the water supply is shut off, it’s time to start drying the affected areas. You can try sopping up pooled water with rags or towels, but remember that water damage seeps into porous materials like wood and grout.

You will want to bring in several large box fans to circulate air through the area. You will also need a large-capacity dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air as it evaporates.

Remove Damaged Materials

Some materials are likely damaged beyond repair. Rather than letting them sit, you can remove them from your home to reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

Begin with any easily replaceable materials like rugs and bathmats. From there, inspect any drywall, insulation, and fabric that have become exposed due to the water damage. It may be difficult for you to determine which materials are compromised and harder still to replace and rebuild, which is why the next step is the most important.

Call the Professionals

After your home has been affected by flooding, you are going to need to call in professionals. When it comes to home water damage, you’re dealing with short term and long term aftermath. It’s important that you work with people who will spot signs of both and use both reactive and preventative measures.

Where can you find trustworthy disaster professionals to handle your home water damage? Head to for any emergency clean up and restoration services you need for your home.

Don’t Let Home Water Damage Destroy Your Home

Home water damage is never something that you should ignore. Over time, any remaining issues can and will get worse. Rather than giving mold the time to grow and rot the time to set in, act fast and restore your home!

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