Why Having A Flood Insurance is so Important in Louisiana?


Louisiana has had a history of being submerged in disastrous floods now and then, the reason being excessive rainfall, runoff, snow melt or both. You all must have read about the worst floods in US history, the 1927 Mississippi. Who can ever forget the series of floods in 2011, 2015 that affected Louisiana profoundly? Who can ever forget the 2016 flood, resulting in Herculean property damage and evacuation on a large scale?

Despite being a flood-prone city, the flooding management of Louisiana is not sturdy enough to survive the natural calamities, financially. Property owners are surprisingly reluctant to purchase flood insurance.

If you are a resident of any city in Louisiana be it, Lake Charles or New Orleans, it is crucial that you have your property well-financially secured with a robust flood insurance policy because:


Disaster assistance is only provided by the federal authority when the President declares, a national disaster and even if the situation is deemed as a calamity, the compensation you will be provided with would be a loan that you will have to pay back with interest. But even if you look beyond that, the amount is not sufficient enough to rebuild your home. This makes purchasing a flood insurance policy an urgency.


Flood or any natural disaster for that matter is unpredictable. The contributory factors have increased over the years, such as urban development, changing weather patterns. Floods lead to cataclysmic impact, robbing that affected financial security, which takes years and significant money to get replenished. To think that since we are not living in a flood-prone area, there is no need to get a flood insurance policy. Considering the continuously change in climate, no one can ensure a designated flood zone, apart from the obvious ones and hence it is advisable that every property owner purchased flood insurance from a credible insurance carrier.


Many people are apprehensive of getting flood insurance, because of their assumption that it would be expensive, which is not the case. Flood insurance is relatively affordable and at a reasonable price will compensate for the following loss:

  • Damage to the structure;
  • Clean up of the debris;
  • Damage to the electrical and plumbing system

Floods are one of the most common and damaging natural disasters, financially and emotionally, yet not every home or rental insurance has specific coverage for that. Which is why it is essential to purchase a flood insurance If you live in a moderate to the high-risk flood zone, you must immediately buy flood insurance from a credible insurance company in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Insurance be it a flood or car, should only be purchased after thorough research of the insurance agency background, field expertise, what the policy, the experience shall cover all, how do their former clients review them. It is equally important to determine the historical impact your city had over the past few years or decades the floods have hit it and how government aid has been of help. You can make use of a visualization tool to establish these facts, which you will quickly find on an independent insurance agency website. This will help you know which policy will suit your requirement and you can accordingly purchase from several independent insurance carriers.


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