Why Data Science Course is a Right Choice?


In this era of the Internet, companies are improvising on their marketing strategies to reach out to their potential customers. These days, they make use of digital media such as email, websites, social media, a search engine etc. to promote their product. This new age marketing strategy is called Digital Marketing. The evolution of the Internet has made Digital marketing an essential phenomenon for businesses, allowing them to invest in this industry for achieving better sales. Digital Marketing industry is witnessing a heavy growth rate, resultantly; demand of Digital marketers is also increasing with every passing day.

Digital marketing offers you with a wide array of job opportunities. Let’s explore a few of them

Digital Marketing Manager

They require experience of minimum 5 years with certifications to prove their skills. They lead the digital marketing team and are responsible for making various digital marketing strategies more effective. Digital marketing managers’ salary package ranges from a minimum of 15 lacs to maximum of 40 lacs per annum.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

Opportunities for SEO executives in the digital marketing industry are enormous. The responsibilities of an SEO executive include management of duplicate content, keyword research, use of webmaster tools. SEO executive requires the expertise of using SEO tools to help the company perform better on search engines. They are answerable to Digital Marketing managers. They receive an annual package of 353,396.

Social Media Marketing Expert

They aim at gaining the attention of potential customers by advertising the content through social media sites. The job of Social Media Marketer requires skill and proficiency and their requirement in Digital marketing industry is increasing with every passing day. The average salary in the Social Media industry is 328,300 per annum,

Content Marketing Manager

In addition to the experience of 3 to 5 years, they require expertise in content marketing. Content marketing manager manages blogs, email communications, guests blogging. Their expected salary ranges from 10 to 15 lacs per annum.

Digital marketing requires proficiency in certain skills. Some of these skills are:

Content Creation

Digital Marketers should know how to create engaging content for their customers

Video Making

Content marketers need the capability of creating appealing videos which present the brand features in a way that it grips the attention and interest of customers

Web Design

Digital Marketers are required to be well acquainted with web designing.

Social Media

Social Media marketers should know how to use social media platforms for promotion and advertising of the company’s product

Understanding the consumer psychology

Digital marketers need to earn the ability to understand consumer behavior to market their products

Data Analytics

Digital marketers require data analytics skills to take the company to new heights

Beside these technical skills, an individual requires some soft skills to be a successful professional in Digital marketing industry. These skills are:

  • Creativity– Digital marketer requires creativity to frame innovative marketing strategies,
  • Analytical Ability- analytical skills help professionals in becoming a successful digital marketer
  • Communication Skills– proficiency in both written and oral communication is important in this field
  • Networking– networking skills are significant for Digital marketers as it allows them to stay updated with the latest trends of Digital marketing.

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Digital marketing is an exciting career option which provides its professionals with a wide array of advantages. If you wish to be part of this rapidly growing industry, join a data science course in bangalore. Earn Data science training certification course and gift yourself an exciting career.

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