5 lesser known sleep disorders you should know


Now, more than half of the world’s population has experienced some or the other sleep disorder at some point where our fatigue just does not let us get through the day. In fact, we may have recently slipped into the acute stages of any such disorders without realizing it and be feeling irritable, moody and restless as a result of a sleepless night.

Yes, we all know and adequately snoring and those who snore! But, it’s a fatal medical condition when left untreated as a result of which strokes etc. could occur. Now that we know about snoring and its acute form-sleep apnea, do we think that we are really ready to face the night with full confidence knowing that this and only this is our problem?

Well, no! Don’t be out celebrating so fast. There are a number of different medical disorders which can be the reason behind why you’re not getting enough sleep at night. But, how much do we know about such disorders and how seriously are we taking their impact on our everyday lives?

Let’s have a look at what some of these lesser known sleep disorders are and similarly, what causes snoring?

1Sleep Apnea

One of the major sleep disorders is sleep apnea or chronic snoring. Divided into three kinds, obstructive apnea, central apnea and complex apnea, sleep apnea can definitely be seen as a major risk factor. In apnea, one loses their breath for intervals which can range anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds, depending upon the intensity.

Sleep apnea, when left untreated can cause heart and lung issues which can prove to be fatal at a later point in time. There are sleep apnea remedies; when left untreated, it can also lead to various other issues which fall under the category of sleep disorders.


Feeling overtly sleepy during the day may not just be because of a late night the previous night. If you feel drowsy during the day even after sleeping for the whole 8 hours required, this could be because of a medical disorder that you may be letting slide by not having it diagnosed.

Narcolepsy attacks have you falling asleep in the day and without any kind of notice. If you notice any kind of weakening of muscles leading to episodes of sleep paralysis, it is time you bring it to the notice of a specialist.

3Sleep walking

Young man sleepwalking at his home dress with nightclothes (isolated on white)

Another issue which a lot of popular media has trivialized and in fact used to portray comic scenes in movies as well as cartoons is the problem of sleep walking. In reality, sleep walking is a problematic sleeping disorder.

It’s time to seek help if your sleep walking episodes become dangerous. There are remedies for this as well, as much as there are sleep apnea remedies.


This generally happens to those of who have a lot of tension or stress in life and let it get to our everyday routines. As a result, a number of us resort to either nicotine or caffeine to have our troubles sorted out.

This can lead to excessive teeth grinding in one’s sleep which can then mean sore or aching gums etc. in the morning.

5Sleep terrors

Woman Holding Pillows Over Ears

While, often this can be linked to some kind of psychological trauma in the past, especially one’s childhood, if it continues to persist in you as an adult, then it’s time to look for medical help.

If you suffer from apnea and seek sleep apnea remedies, then medicated sprays such as Asonor can help.


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