What to Consider When Getting a Computer


Buying a computer is something that nearly everyone will have to do at some stage or another. It can be quite hard to get by without the frequent use of one in the modern day. Although your smartphone can do a great series of things, completely replacing a computer is not one of them. Many people need their computers for work while others use it for basic research or even to maintain hobbies. Whatever the reason, there still are things to consider before making the purchase.

Going into a tech store looking for a computer without giving it any thought probably isn’t the best idea. The staff will be happy to help, but if you don’t know what you want then you are in there, it may lead to some difficulties. So you should try to be sure of at least the basics of what you want. However, there is an alternative to going into a tech shop that may be of more benefit to you.

Do You Want to Build One Yourself?

There was a time where building your own PC seemed like rocket science. However in the modern day that is simply not the case. It’s more or less just a case of being capable of reading instructions and knowing how to use a screwdriver. It’s quite common for people to build PCs in the modern day and that is because of all the benefits that it carries. If you do want to build your own PC, you can search for parts for it at Octopart. Here are just some of these advantages:

Cost efficient

First of all, and perhaps most importantly to some people, building a PC is a more cost efficient way of having a computer. Overall, it will cost you less to create the computer yourself as opposed to purchasing a pre-built one. For example, a simple PC that is only needed to browse the internet, stream videos, and send emails won’t require too many expensive parts. It’s likely to only set you back about $300. From here, you can customize and add pieces depending on what you require as a PC user.


If you buy a pre-built computer, it can be hard to upgrade the device without replacing it completely. This isn’t the case for one you build yourself. After all, you will be the one putting your computer together, meaning that you know where every part is. If you decide that one component of the computer is not working quite how you’d like, you can simply change it. It’s as simple as swapping A for B in most instances.

Cooling system

The cooling system on pre-built PC’s usually aren’t great. Or at least, not as great as they could be. By building your own you will have a much superior cooling system. This is due to the fact that pre-built PC’s try to be very space efficient. This makes the interiors very tight and compact, not allowing much space for ventilation. They usually do not have enough fans to cool the device properly.


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