Common Web Hosting problem and their solutions


As the time passing the technology is getting better and better, also encouraging many companies to record their presence on the internet through the website. Creating a website seems pretty easy these days as there is a lot of options available. Once anyone has decided to make a website, it is necessary for them to select the right web hosting services.

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Right web hosting services will not only allow you to have a better website but also solve many issues related to hosting instantly. There is a lot of companies which are offering the web hosting services, making your decision a bit difficult too. Mostly when the web hosting services are added with more features people usually buy those. But for a complete and better web hosting option, one must know all the factors related to the web hosting to choose the right web hosting services for your website.

1]  Slow loading and navigation speed of Website:

Every website wants a good traffic on the website and web hosting plays a major part in a good speed of the navigation and website loading. That website which has a low navigation speed and slow loading, they tend to have fewer visitors coming to their website.

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When the website has low loading speed the 75% of the visitors will not return to the website again, according to the research. Now the bad experience, it does more damages and you can lose up to 88% of the visitors when they suffer bad experience on the website.


You can always check the data center location of the web hosting services, if the data center is located near your website operations it will receive a good speed for your website.

Also, keep in mind the network latency which is delaying in the navigation on the website. The web hosting services which also provide a good back up and repairing services of network latency are good to be worked with. Make sure that your web hosting site has a good hardware and support team.

One more important factor of speed and navigation is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) provided by the web hosting services, this allows you to quickly load and make a cached version of that content or website pages which are static. This will load instantly that portion of the website and help you improve the speed of the website, especially for the international visitors.

Slow loading of website might be due to the internet and Wi-Fi issue, check the review of WiGig for Congested Wi-Fi network here:

2]  The high cost of Web hosting plan:

There are many web hosting options available on the internet for the web hosting, some are offering free-web hosting services while others provide their services by paying a high amount. You must consider few things before making a right decision for your website that you are accepting the genuine offer or not.


You can always make a note while choosing the free web hosting that why are they giving you web hosting for free, what might be the disadvantages of choosing their services, what you can miss, what are extra charges for the products and services you need to pay when you use them.

Also, know what they are getting in return from you such as advertising space etc,

Keep in mind the data and bandwidth the web hosting services are providing as compare to their charges.

Make sure that they are offering upgrading services if you need that in future.

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3]  The time required for resolving issues related to web hosting:

When you have started to use a web hosting services and everything is working just fine, you don’t worry about the issues related to the web hosting. The real issue and problem start when you find distortion in web hosting services. There is no solution and you cannot do anything except to get things resolved by the web hosting services that will also affect the traffic of your website as well.


Make sure what and how much service support does your web hosting is providing you.

Choose those companies which are offering you service support 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and 365-days a year.

Also, have a look at their support services such as FAQs and complains responding time, because a slow your web hosting services are more your business and website will suffer.

4]  Secret Web hosting plan limitation:

Many web hosting companies don’t disclose the limitation of the web hosting plans and therefore many customers could not understand the full scope of the web hosting plan. This also restricted the customer to expand the plan in future and creating more problems.

Usually, some other details are also hidden from the customers or customers don’t know about it and never ask for the particular services from the web hosting company such as uptime provided by the company. If you need up to 99% of uptime and the web hosting deny upgrading it you might suffer later.


Before subscribing always check the uptime the web hosting company is providing.

Check the limitations and other updating restriction of your web hosting plan.

It is better to select those plans or company which allows you to upgrade your requirements later in future.

5]  Low Security of Web Hosting Company:

As the web hosting is increasing there are chances of hacking and identity theft of your company and data. Many times scammers act as a web hosting company and grab orders from the customers. Some new and cheap web hosting companies have less experience of data security as well as they cannot afford a better security plan.

Select a popular and well-known web hosting company which will allow you to have a secured system.

Know the reputation of the web hosting company related to the data security.



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