Best 7 Cloud Hosting Reseller Options to Start a Web Hosting Business


Web hosting, if done right, is one of the easiest ways to make money while doing what you love. It is simple, safe, and profitable. Cloud hosting is a specific type of host, which you can niche into, if you want to become a successful cloud hosting reseller.

You can start your new venture by visiting and learning about their offers on reseller hosting.

The number of individuals or businesses who need their own website has been booming in the current market.

Everyone wants to utilize the wonders of digital marketing to boost sales and reach wider audiences. If you are looking in the direction of starting your own web hosting business, here are a few points to give you a little more incentive:

Requires relatively little effort

Really, most of the technical aspects are managed by the web hosting provider and your job is only to keep the individual clients happy.

Provides additional income

This one is a no-brainer. You can start your own web hosting business without quitting your day job to earn extra income. The only major responsibilities and investments in the service are those of initial setup and new client registration.

Excellent side-business

If you are already working in or running a digital firm, web hosting comes in as a welcome addition to your host of services. Your packages can be more comprehensive and you get more clients too.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The principle of cloud hosting can best be stated as ‘Divide and Rule’ – the resources required for proper management and maintenance of a website are distributed across several servers and are delivered as per need.

Here are the key benefits of a cloud server:

  • Since software problems are completely separated from the environment, the client has exceptional security and stability with the running of the website. Your cloud server is independent of issues like overloading in other cloud servers. The chances of downtime are reduced tremendously because of service on multiple platforms.
  • Cloud servers offer great scalability. It is very easy to upgrade the disk space or memory by adding or replacing just a few components. It is a much more affordable option as well.
  • Cloud servers do not face the same difficulties of a physical server. They are fast and stable, and generally the most secure options to manage a website while keeping the costs down. Cloud servers can manage peak loads with ease, without any bandwidth concerns.
  • Cloud servers are faster. They will provide quicker services as compared to physical servers for the same amount of money.

What is a cloud hosting reseller?

Cloud hosting reselling is the process of selling cloud web hosting services to independent clients without purchasing them in advance. It is basically reselling of cloud hosting services but under your own name and brand.

As a reseller, you have complete control over your cloud server and the ability to run any software or operating system of your choice. You can deploy your reseller hosting platform on a Windows or Linux cloud server easily and efficiently.

If you’d like to understand what it takes to set up your own reseller hosting, please visit the following article.

If you buy enough server power to host websites of enterprises or companies and have enough skill, you can start your own web hosting service too.

You can purchase resources individually according to your clients’ needs and modify the size of your server as per demand. Dedicated server solutions are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Choosing a cloud server puts you directly in charge of the applications’ performance.

7 Best Cloud hosting reseller companies you can use

1. HostGator


HostGator is the top choice for a website whether you are a newbie or an experienced player at web hosting. It boasts of a 99.99% uptime guarantee and has tons of features for shared hosts. Operating since 2002, HostGator now hosts over 8 million domains. It offers great pricing, a plethora of hosting varieties and options, and an impressive uptime. Overall, it is an extremely reliable serving platform with downtime amounting to about half an hour in a year. The host doesn’t offer a free domain as its fellow services do, but the unique features definitely make up for it. It offers unlimited FTP domains, e-mail accounts, and sub-domains.

2. GoDaddy


GoDaddy hosting has a fascinating template based website builder and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It has been a top player in the fields of domain registration, online marketing, and web hosting for over a decade now. Though the pricing is higher than other companies, it does have a ton of services and aims to be an all-inclusive service for your internet needs. This hosting platform might be a little disadvantageous for beginners since it is easy to manage a domain with a dedicated domain registrar. GoDaddy’s unlimited offerings require that you pay close attention to the fine print.

3. InMotion Hosting


InMotion boasts of very highly trained and helpful support staff. Even on their most basic plan, they offer a free SSL certificate and unlimited disk space. InMotion is well known for its limitless features and a 99.97% uptime guarantee. The hosting platform also prides itself on server speed. It has two U.S. based data centers, which are home to thousands of servers. However, in Asia and Australia, the servers speeds do tend to fall below Google’s benchmark speeds. It offers an unlimited amount of storage in your website and has particularly impressive bandwidth. 

4. A2 Hosting


A2 provides you with a rare feature in the world of website hosting – the any-time money back guarantee! They have reliable uptime statistics, scoring in at 99.90%. The company prioritizes price and performance. Even on shared hosting plans, it has Windows servers available. It is priced higher than companies like HostGator, and the automated coupon code discounts may seem confusing. When you first register, none of the paid options are chosen by default which isn’t an option you can avail with larger web hosting companies. Another nifty configurable option is auto-install for certain applications like WordPress.

5. SiteGround


This is an ambitious platform that provides a ton of bonus features. It allows for plenty of flexibility and is great value for your money. One of the most unique features is that SiteGround allows buying of plans in small numbers – five to get started, and 11 or more to grab the best price. How you manage and run the business is entirely up to you, but SiteGround’s simple control panel to review accounts sure comes in handy. It also has a private DNS upgrade and a white label option so you can be sure it is your branding visible everywhere.

6. tsoHost


If you are an old hat and do not need help with billing or marketing, tsoHost might be the best choice for you. It offers powerful branding options but no support with billing. It provides unlimited storage and bandwidth for up to 100 sites. The plan doesn’t include a WHCMS license or any support with marketing or billing. It is completely your responsibility to manage to bill for your own customers. That being said, the core service is decent and including SSL support for all your customers. It also offers daily backups and one free domain for your own website, should you need one.

7. Krystal


This one is a simple reseller platform with options that are easy on your wallet. They have solid specifications and 60-days money back guarantee. A mid-range account comes with 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a bundled website builder, monthly and weekly backups, and free SSL certificates. The WHMCS billing system allows you to automate billing and manage your customers’ accounts. Additionally, these are all white label versions which means that the customer will only see your branding. The one disadvantage here is that the top plan is quite pricey and but comes with 200 GB of storage.

As a wrap up, we do believe that this is a really easy way to start a hosting business, both as a freelancer, or if you have customers of your own by picking up one of the varied options for cloud reseller hosting. Focus on providing an excellent level of service and support and your business should be thriving in no time at all!


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