Common Mistakes to Avoid While Trading


There will be several instances when you will make certain mistakes while trading, and that’s okay because the market is uncertain. But you should never make a habit of repeating it. Learn from the mistakes and correct them. In order to learn from your mistakes and take every measure to correct them, you need to have a good strategy.

Especially while trading, we often make decisions based on greed, fear, and emotions. The lack of research, novice, and fear of losing money leads every one of us to fail while trading. Let’s take a glimpse at the most common mistakes to avoid while trading in the stock market.

Lack Of Research and Preparation

Trading stocks is not an easy task, to become an expert in this field, you must start searching for different stocks, and keep yourself updated with ongoing trends. Avoid believing in other people’s tips and do not open or close your position on intuitions. If you have any intuition or you get any tips, you must first research those stocks, see their market values before investing in them.

Understanding the market is a very important step. You should properly research the volatility, returns on equity, etc of a stock before investing in it. Usually, people do not research much about stocks or mutual funds and invest in them by just hearing or getting suggestions from someone. Thus, they land up in certain problems and incur huge losses. Therefore, do not put your money at risk in trading, and do your research before investing in the market.

No Recordkeeping

While trading it is very important to have a record of all the transactions and profits made during each trading session. And thus, to be aware of your profits and losses, you should keep all your trading records in one place. Every time you buy or sell your stock, mention the activity in one diary. You can maintain the dairy just like bookkeeping. Otherwise, nowadays everything is going online, so you can also try making a Google sheet, where you can easily maintain all your stocks, profits, and losses securely.

Relying On Past Returns

This is the most common mistake while trading in the stock market. People mostly rely on historical returns and past data. But what they don’t know is that past outcomes and historical data are not correct indicators of future performance.  Moreover, some people check the profit from the return calculator and think that they will get higher returns too in the future.

If you are a long-term investor, it will be difficult for you to predict the market, and thus you should not always go with high returns or records, instead, analyze the P/E ratio, Return on equity, etc of a stock before investing in it. Your main goal should be to build a robust portfolio of stocks and then start algorithmic trading to automate your trading.

Lack Of Patience

There are several examples, where you will find the people who lost huge amounts of money due to impatience. It is only a myth that a person can become rich overnight. Those who don’t understand this often get trapped into such losses or even become a victim of scams. Successful trading is all about 1 percent of action and 99 percent of patience. A disciplined approach is necessary to become a successful trader, and one should avoid being in a hurry. Look beyond the volatility of short-term trading, and focus more on long-term development.

No Diversification

The market is bound to fluctuate, but not all sectors go down together. Therefore, to keep everything in a balanced way, diversification is very necessary. It is considered a significant risk management tool, offering the price when there is a changing risk profile of assets and has a poor correlation. But there are many people, who, while creating the portfolio, do not search for different stocks of various sectors. Thus, it imbalances their portfolio, and they face huge losses when the sector in which they have invested goes down.

Now that you have come to know about the common mistakes that every trader makes while trading, do share this with others and try to learn from these mistakes and correct them. However, trading is difficult, but once done, it will no longer remain unclear to you. So, keep your thoughts clear, keep yourself updated, and research before you start trading.


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