5 Things to Check Before Selecting Amazon Seller Bookkeeping Services


Amazon, which started as a mere online store for books, has grown to become a behemoth in e-commerce. It is so big that nearly half of all e-commerce traffic in the US goes to Amazon. With its widespread reach and ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, any seller will have to get on this site if they wish to reap its benefits.

And that is precisely what’s happening, with over 100,000 new businesses choosing to sell on Amazon each year. The increased volumes and the new method of doing business mean maintaining all the finances can be a challenge. Bookkeeping services like https://capforge.com/bookkeeping-for-amazon-sellers/ have risen to that challenge. They offer bookkeeping services tailored to the specific needs of sellers going the Amazon route.

Checking Up On the Money Checker

The increased demand for Amazon-based bookkeepers has opened up the market for many players to set their foot in. Each of them have their way of going about it, which Bookkeeping Service may or may not suit your particular needs. Thus, it is best to check up the details of what the best bookkeeper can offer to help your bookkeeping in order.


A good performing service has a service record and reputation that will precede it. Such a service will not be hard to find as it will be mentioned everywhere and by everyone. The top performers can be expected to offer the best of services in the industry. They might, however, be out of reach for newcomers due to the accompanying high prices.

This does not mean that they are the only players around. Looking online at reviews and customers’ comments, reviews, ratings can also net you a suitable one. They can perform as well as the top ones but at a fraction of the cost.

Particulars of Services Offered

An Amazon seller’s bookkeeping will include cash flow, money owed to and by vendors, customers, and Amazon itself, tax dues, incentives, reimbursements, etc., inventory-related costs like the total price of stock present, rent if applicable to warehouse and office, utility bills, employee payrolls, etc.

Your choice of Amazon seller bookkeeping service must be checked to see if they cover all of these things in their service package. Some might not do everything, while others will but as optional services. It is best to have a thorough understanding of all their terms and conditions to get all you need.

Adoption of Latest Automation Technologies

Service providers today have not only personnel but also sophisticated software that can assist them and you. Some software solutions are capable of offering the entire exhaustive list of services needed.

Then there is the ever-rapid increase of cloud technology adoption. With cloud-based bookkeeping systems, you will have access to updated information about your finances, no matter where you or your employees may be.

There is also the growing trend of automation and AI, where the software not just does all the work required but also continually learns to do it better by taking in various inputs. It learns to do more each day and do it all better.

These factors must be considered when searching for your bookkeeping service provider. Amazon’s very own Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud platform is a rather popular option, and there might be incentives offered to bookkeepers of Amazon’s sellers who wish to use it.

Prices and Modes of Payment

Costs of service vary based on a number of factors. Things like brand reputation, number of services offered, number of bookkeepers required to do the job, location, size of your operation, types of items being sold by you, software/technological options availed, etc. can increase the service prices.

Modes of payment also vary, as you could be charged hourly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. It could even be a one-time purchase for a set number of years. The software may be offered on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, as is the trend these days, or with a one-time upfront payment. Check to know about any charges for upgrades to the software.

Security and Compliance

The bookkeeper must adhere to the codes of confidentiality and other related terms and conditions laid by you. They must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding this as well. They must keep themselves updated with any changes made to these and quickly incorporate them into their functioning.

Selling on Amazon continues to take new and profitable turns each day, and the best bookkeepers for those selling on it will be a valuable asset to ride that wave of returns.


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