Repair or Replace? How to Deal With 4 Common Computer Issues


When your computer starts acting up, it may be tempting to begin searching for a new model. However, it’s a mistake to dismiss the problems you may be facing with your computer as something you can’t fix. Common computer issues can often be resolved on your own, while a repair technician can quickly and expertly fix others.

It’s essential to understand when you should put in the effort to resolve your malfunctioning computer and when it’s time to purchase a new one. By troubleshooting some common computer issues, you can make an educated decision on whether it’s time to call in a professional or buy a new computer.

Common Computer Issues and How to Fix Them

1Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, or Other Peripherals Aren’t Working Properly

When the devices attached to your computer stop working or begin acting differently, it is often an issue with the connection or driver.

Check your connections. Unplug and plug them back in, either to the same port or another. Also, make sure that all your hardware components are up-to-date.

2The Computer is Slow to Start, Restart, or When In Use

The slowing of the startup, restarting, and usage of a computer is usually an indication that it may have too many applications automatically loading or running in the background.

Disabling the program, you don’t need to run upon startup, or as you are working is the easiest fix. Disabling apps in your settings for your computer’s startup can often do the trick.

3The Blue Screen of Death Appears

One of the most recognizable computer errors is the blue screen of death. Usually, after your computer has seemingly frozen, this ominous blue screen will appear with an error message, and your computer will restart.

Fixing the blue screen of death is dependent on its cause. The easiest fix is to jot down the error code and then use a search engine to identify the problem. Most errors you encounter will have solutions to the problem for you to follow on your own.

4Applications are Running Slow or Not Opening

Slow running applications are one of the most common computer issues. It’s also an easy fix. Frequently, applications that are opening and running slowly is the result of too many programs trying to load and run in the background all at one time.

A simple fix is limiting the number of programs running at one time, closing applications when you are finished or no longer working on them.

When to Call A Repair Service

Although troubleshooting your computer may help you discover the causes of your issues, some computer problems need the knowledge and skills of a professional. Computer repair services offer a broad scope of expert services to diagnose and address malfunctioning software or hardware.

It may be time to contact repair services for home computers and get the aid of an expert for issues such as:

  • Data recovery
  • Virus removal
  • Broken hardware
  • Graphical errors
  • Maintenance support
  • Abnormally functioning operating systems

When It’s Time to Replace Your Computer

Each computer’s longevity is unique to its circumstances. Most computers can live three to eight years with maintenance and upgrading. Some computers can live longer than that, but the ever-advancing technology can create issues with more sophisticated applications. Furthermore, some hardware issues make fixing your computer difficult or too expensive.

Some signs for recognizing that it’s time to buy a new computer can include:

  • Security Is Out of Date– Security is too important to ignore. Safeguarding personal and company security can be compromised when a computer’s current hardware is incompatible with newer versions of the operating systems you or your team uses.
  • Upgrading the Hardware Leads to Compatibility Issues– Upgrading your computer is essential to keep it operating at its best, and you should make sure to update it often. However, when upgrades begin to lead to compatibility issues, it could lead to many or all of your computer components needing replacement.
  • Fans are Noisy– When the fan is running loudly, tapping, or clunking, it is often a hardware problem. Though cleaning your computer fan may resolve the issue, the loud noises are often the result of a faulty fan, or the programs max out the hardware of your computer.
  • It’s Cheaper to Replace than Repair– The most cost-effective method for solving computer issues is usually calling a repair expert. However, the downtime without your computer or frequent maintenance can result in lost money. Also, the cost of repairs, such as replacing a cracked screen, can cost almost as much, or exceed the costs of purchasing a new system.
  • Applications Take Forever to Load– If closing multiple applications doesn’t solve the issue, it may be your software. Some older software can’t handle the latest versions of applications. Even minimum component requirements may not be enough for your performance needs.
  • The Computer Has Trouble Multitasking– When a computer can no longer run two or more applications simultaneously, it’s a sign of its upcoming demise. Typically the RAM is to blame, and a newer system will soon be needed.

Computer Care

When it comes to repairing or replacing a computer, there is no right answer. Sometimes better hardware and software capabilities are necessary. Other times, a simple fix or the aid of an expert can keep your computer running smoothly. For as long as the computer runs, it’s important to pay attention to your computer and continue regular maintenance until you can resolve the problem or buy a replacement.


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