What Can You Do to Improve Your Sleep at Night?


Sleep is essential for brain and body recovery to promote mental performance and physical health. Lack of proper sleep leads to a short circuit of the recovery process, affecting concentration, mood, energy level, and thinking. Multiple factors cause poor sleep, some like lifestyle choices and poor sleep hygiene you can control. Nevertheless, others like medical conditions are also manageable. How can you achieve that? You can improve your sleep through the following:

Use comfortable bed and bedding

Some medical conditions like musculoskeletal disorders can affect your sleep, but you can improve it using a comfortable bed and bedding. One study revealed that new mattresses reduce back pain by 57%, stiffness by 59%, and shoulder pain by 60%. It would be best to visit specialists like electric adjustable bed suppliers if you believe the problem is your bed. The expert can recommend the type of bed that will relieve your chronic pain and improve your circulation for better sleep.

Avoid eating or consuming caffeine late in the day

Eating late is another common but ignored cause of poor sleep. It’s best to eat at least four hours before bed. By doing so, your body will have ample time to produce melatonin (sleep hormone). Besides that, it would help if you avoid consuming caffeine before retiring to bed. Consuming caffeine is beneficial at the right time, but taking it late in the night stimulates your nervous system, hindering your body from naturally relaxing.

Optimize your bedroom

An optimized bedroom environment is why you sleep better in hotel rooms. The key factors include external lights, noise, temperature, and furniture arrangement. You can achieve this by placing the bed against a solid wall behind your headboard for support. Additionally, the bed should be away from the direct line of the door or source of light. You can also optimize the bedroom environment by using a humidifier and fan to regulate humidity and temperature. In conditions like winter, you can use a light therapy box to simulate sunshine to help you sleep better at night.

Keep sync with your body circadian

Your sleep-wake cycle also impacts the quality of sleep you have at night. Also known as the circadian rhythm refers to the 24-hour daily sleep pattern of 16 hours of daytime wakefulness and night-time sleep of eight hours. If you maintain a regular schedule, you will be more energized and refreshed than sleeping the same number of hours at different times. You can achieve an excellent sleep-wake cycle by sleeping and waking up at the same time consistently. This includes weekends when you are prone to sleeping in.

Try lumbar support

Some conditions like lower back pain can rob you of your beauty sleep. Luckily, you can control it using lumbar support like knee, neck, back, and cervical pillows. You can inquire about this support from experts like electric adjustable bed suppliers. The right pillow will support your body and relieve you from pain.

It pains when you wake up but feel tired and grumpy due to the lack of proper sleep. Some of the causes of this problem are beyond your control. However, you can improve your sleep by using the information you have read in this article. Use it today and experience a change.


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