Important Tips for Choosing the Ideal Paint Colours for A Small Home


Paint colours are the quickest method to transform your old home into a brand new brighter and clean place. Apart from removing blemishes of old interiors, paint colours can also make your small home into a breathable and cosy space for your entire family. They can alter the perception of your home space to provide a luxurious living place.

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Here are a few guidelines for choosing the ideal paint colour for your small home.

Thorough study

You must establish the memory and effects of each room to select the right colour for your ceilings, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Select your wall colours based on the colour of your household items like furniture.

Choosing an accent and neutral colour like orange or green for hallway are preferred for warm and welcoming gesture. You can paint your bathroom with a soft and relaxing colour like white or yellow. If you want better appetite and feel energized throughout the day, you can choose a bright and natural colour like red or wood tan. When painting your bedroom, you can pick a soothing warm and calming colour like blue or grey.

Choose light shades for small rooms

A light hue of any colour will make your small room appear larger and spacious. You can paint your ceilings with lighter shade of white or blue colour to have a feeling of open space and high roofs. Lighter or less hue colours can trick your eyes to assume the space is larger than actual.

You must avoid dark hues to paint your small rooms. They tend to make your room appear smaller than usual. You will feel uncomfortable and suffocating in a cave-like space.

Choose a single colour for entire home

Painting all the rooms of your home with a single colour will make them appear larger. A monochromatic colour will give a continued large view to your eyes while moving from room-to-room. It avoids any interruption due to change in colour shade and makes you feel larger space. Check out by Gustafson Painting to see if you should paint your home exterior.

Different hue for stretched view

You can paint two vertically opposite walls with lighter hue than the one wall and ceiling to make your narrow room look wider and stretched. You can reverse the selection of colour hue to make one wall appear at far distance than actual. It makes your room to appear elongated and elegant.

Colour all structures

If you have different structures like angles, trims, and other architectural features, you must paint them all with the same but bright colour. These colours must differ from the wall colour to add attractive and decorative features.

You must choose different sheens of colour based on the glossier property required for the room. A glossier paint will be more easily cleaned of stains and dust.


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