Pick That One: A Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Ideal Dining Table


The dining table is one of the major furniture pieces in your home. It is because the dining table is where family gathering, chitchat with friends, and happy celebrations usually happen. Whether you put it right in the middle of the formal dining room or place it in front and the center of the open kitchen, a dining table is the piece of furniture that will first grab the attention of the beholder.

Therefore, if you purchase a dining table, you should look for the best buy and shop for one that will last a lifetime. Your dining table should be well crafted and sturdy as a rock, and one that can fit perfectly to the size of your room and can accommodate a lot of people.

In fact, there are many options of what dining table to buy. From different material, shapes, sizes, and styles you can pick out what’s best for your dining area. To help you with shopping ideas, here is a guide to choosing the ideal dining table.

Measure the Room

Before going for the buy, it is crucial to know the exact measurements of the dining area where you want to place your dining table. Bad purchase lies in the neglect of this important tip. Most people buy too tables that are too big for the size of their dining spaces.

For example, placing a rectangular dining table for a small rectangular room will eat up a lot of space and make the room look cramped instead of cozy. Keep in mind that your dining table should have enough space for diners to move around. Thus, you need to measure up first your dining space.

Know the Various Shapes of  Dining Tables

After knowing the measurements of the dining area, you can now look for the shape and size of the table that is perfect for your dining area and can accommodate a number of people you like. There is round, oval, rectangular, and square shapes of dining tables.

Rectangular Dining Table

Most dining areas have a rectangular dining table because it is the most popular shape. Just make sure, though, that it will comfortably fit your dining area.

The room should make an allowance of 36 inches from the edge of the table to each wall or other pieces of furniture in your dining area to pull out chairs with ease and for your the diners to move around the space. Also, allow at least 48 inches between the table and the dining room entrance. It will also look roomy if you have an arched entrance into your dining area.

Knowing the length of your dining table will determine how many people you can accommodate it. Do not forget the 24-inch elbow room rule for your guests to have a comfortable dining. The average height of dining tables, no matter what size is 29 to 32 inches from the floor to the tabletop.

Square Dining Table

It may not be popular as the rectangular dining table, but a square-shaped dining table has its set of advantages. For instance, it is an excellent furnishing to a small dining space and if you have a planned dinner for only four to six people because its shape will make for an intimate dining.

For a dinner for four people, you can pick out a square dining table which has a 36 to 44 inches square dimension. 54 inches square dining table will suffice for 5 to six people. Make sure that the height of the table should be proportional to the height of the chair. Contemporary dining sets have shorter back chairs, while classic designs have taller back.

Round Dining Table

Square tables are not the only shape that will suit perfectly to a small dining room, but round dining tables is a good solution as well. Dining around a roundtable will make for an intimate gathering because you can see everyone else and you can carry on conversations easier.

Just make sure not to choose a round dining table with a wide diameter. A large round table means that you will have to shout across the table to be heard. Even though you will still see your fellow diners, but it would seem that there is a huge distance between you and them.

If you want a round table that can accommodate a large number of people, choose one that has an extension leaf. You can use it most of the time, but you can choose to extend it when you have more guests coming over.

Oval Dining Table

Well, an oval dining table seems like a rectangular one because of its length, but it seems to occupy less space than the rectangular so it is ideal to have a tiny dining space. You can call its service if you have a narrow room, but needed to accommodate more people.

Consider the Materials and Finishes

There is a wide range of materials for a dining table, but when choosing for the ideal material, you should consider practicality and durability. Here are the various types of materials for a dining table.

Wooden Dining Table

If you are choosing a wooden dining table, make sure that care for it regularly because, if not, it can break to pieces over time. Make sure to coat and sand your wooden dining table for it to last a long time. You can opt for a wide range of wood such as maple, oak, walnut, or mahogany.

Glass-Topped Dining Table

A glass-topped dining table is common in modern and contemporary dining spaces because of its sleek and stylish look. It does not get stained easily and it is low-maintenance. It is also an excellent choice to place in a rather dark dining area because the glass will reflect to make it appear brighter.

Just keep in mind that you choose one that is glass-tempered so that it will not break and shatter easily. Also, you can choose a round or oval glass dining table to prevent an accident.

Marble Dining Table

A marble dining table adds a luxurious feel to any dining space. And since marble is a porous natural material, you need to care for it regularly. If something spills into it, make sure to wipe the spill within a few minutes to prevent permanent staining.

Veneer Dining Table

The good thing about veneer tables is that they are less expensive and can hold up fairly well to stains. It looks like a solid wood but it really consists of a layer of composite materials such as medium density fiberboard. The disadvantage of veneer tables is that they peel, scratch, and chip easily to heat and time.


A dining table is an essential furniture piece in a dining area. It serves as a centerpiece in it and, because of that, it can have the effect of making or breaking your dining room design. There are various shapes, sizes, materials, and styles of a dining table. As such, you need to do your research before you buy one that is ideal for your type of dining space.


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