Electives in College: 5 Tips to Choose Classes for the Best Experience


When you get into a college or university, you will typically face three different categories of courses. These include general education requirements, major-specific courses, and electives. The first two types are mandatory, meaning that you have to take them. But electives are optional.

In a nutshell, electives are various courses offered by your school. They are not required for your particular major or minor but count toward your graduation credits. There are plenty of such options in every school. And though taking them may not be required, electives can be a rewarding and significant part of your college experience.

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Define How Tight Your Current Schedule Is

Since electives are non-required courses, there is really no need to pack your schedule with them thoughtlessly and then suffer from burnout. Therefore, to take classes that are not in your curriculum, it is vital to study how much room you currently have in your schedule.

Ask yourself whether you really can sustain a few extra classes or not. And, of course, keep required general-education classes at the top of your priority list. Also, it is vital that you keep the right balance between intense and complex subjects and the ones that are easier. Otherwise, you risk loading yourself too much.

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Keep Your Interests at the Core

Once again, electives aren’t among the classes that will be required by your specific degree. That is, they may not even go in line with your primary area of study. So, if you want to have the best experience, you should feel free to choose them based on your interests and passions.

It is a great idea to use this opportunity to take classes that you’ve always wanted to try or to discover other majors. Don’t be afraid to match electives to your interests!

Complement Your Major

If you want the chosen electives to supplement your major, you can also do it. To do this, you should evaluate your major and potential career paths to see what else you might be lacking. You can even consult with your academic advisor to get some handy tips and choose electives that will complement your career path in the future.

Let us give you a few examples here. Let’s say you are studying business. In this case, you might want to choose a writing elective to hone your business writing skills. Or, if you major in computer science, you might as well want to take a few elective graphic design lessons. Pairing the required and non-required classes like that can help you become a very strong and multifaceted professional in the future.

Keep in Mind the Class Format

In modern colleges, classes are delivered in a variety of ways. This can include lectures, seminars, lab classes, hybrid, online, etc. The electives you pick can also have different formats. And it is crucial that you keep this in mind when choosing them because the class format can significantly affect your workload, schedule, and overall experience.

To make the right choices, study how various classes are delivered in your school and be very thoughtful about them when picking electives. Match different formats to ensure the best experience and minimize stress and load.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

When you are in college, this is just the right time to experiment, try new stuff, and discover your interests. And electives can give you plenty of opportunities for this. Therefore, one last tip we have for you is to stay open to new experiences.

When making a list of electives, don’t put any boundaries on yourself. Remember that these classes are optional. Thus, there are no rules on what you should or shouldn’t consider. So, give yourself an opportunity to try something new or add something fun and enjoyable to your schedule!

The Bottom Line

As you already know, electives are pretty much all courses that are offered by your college but not required by your major. Taking them is not mandatory. Still, there are plenty of reasons to do so.

To name a few, electives can provide you with the following benefits:

  • A chance to explore different fields of study;
  • The opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge;
  • A chance to add diversity to your professional portfolio;
  • The possibility to boost your GPA.

These are only a few of the many benefits. But they clearly show how much you can benefit from taking electives. So, don’t waste any more time and use this guide to fill your schedule with the right electives for the best college experience!


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