Is Attending A Caribbean Medical School A Sensible Choice To Pursue Your MD Dream?


Students looking to pursue a career in medicine need to start with a good medical school. This is a decision that is made after careful consideration as the training received during this time becomes the basis of a physician’s entire career.

Caribbean medical school have risen in popularity in the past few years due to the excellent education that they provide. Located in the picturesque Caribbean islands, these med schools offer everything from a good curriculum to top-notch learning facilities and a highly experienced faculty.

Also, the eligibility for the basic science MD program in the Caribbean is not too stringent allowing deserving students to get enrolled. Are you still wondering if a medical school in the Caribbean is a good choice for your career? One good reason would be that they offer you a rich curriculum that parallels the U.S. Medical School.

Why choose a Caribbean medical school?

Multiple reasons contribute to the success of the medical school in the Caribbean island. One of the most pivotal ones being the easy admission criteria which allows multiple aspiring students to easily get a good start for their career.

Unlike U.S. medical schools which according to MedEdits only accepted 7% of 849,678 applications submitted to them 2018-2019, Caribbean schools have less stringent criteria and accept deserving candidates for admission.

Moreover, reputed Caribbean schools have a syllabus that matches the U.S and in some cases Canadian model. This allows students to get the best of education with an exemplary curriculum at a lesser and more affordable fee.

Along with this, students also get the opportunity to study in smaller class size and a better chance to crack the USMLE-1.

1Better education

Many of the Caribbean medical school are specific about keeping to a smaller class size which allows students to get individual attention. This way teachers can encourage more interaction and observe each student all the while noticing their strengths and weakness. It is also easier to raise queries in a smaller class structure and have them addressed in detail.

2Clinical rotation

Having a global experience is very important for medical students looking to make a strong career ahead. Caribbean medical schools offer a chance at the clinical rotation in the U.S. and various other global hospitals. This allows students to get an insight into how medical clinics function and it is even useful for those looking to find residency, especially in the U.S.

During this clinical exposure, students gain an understanding of medical diagnosis, patient interaction, the atmosphere within the hospital and often even zero in on the specialisation they plan to pursue later on.

3Excellent faculty

One of the best features about studying the Caribbean is the state of art learning faculty provided by them along with an experienced faculty who make education a very enriching experience. Along with holding prominent degrees, the faculty members also have a strong passion for teaching and offer their support to students throughout their learning journey.

Lastly, the experience of studying in the Caribbean is amazing as you are surrounded by scenic beauty and a host of reactional activities to give your mind and body a much-needed rest.


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