Cannabis Strains and Their Uses


The use of cannabis(marijuana) is experiencing an increase in its usage in the United States and some other regions of the world, especially among adults. The reason for this increase in usage is basically because of the potential benefits of cannabis on the health of individuals.

Some of the health benefits of cannabis include:

  • Relieving of nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients.
  • Stimulation of appetite and weight gain in patients who have cancer and AIDS.
  • Decreasing spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis(ms)
  • Helps in alleviating chronic pain
  • Reduces migraine attacks and headaches in some patients
  • Relieves insomnia and anxiety
  • Fantastic muscle relaxant
  • Lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease

Cannabis or marijuana is currently legal in 29 states and Washington, DC. People are increasingly demanding for the legalization of cannabis use at the federal level, not just for the health benefits per se but also for the economic benefits associated with cannabis. With the increasing demand for cannabis or marijuana, there will be a need for individuals to grow large farms of cannabis, thereby leading to an increase in the net profit of the economy at large.

The purpose of this write-up is to identify some strains of cannabis and their usefulness. The majority of these strains can be purchased online at Cannabismo.

Acapulco Gold:

This is one of the best-known strains. Acapulco gold has been likened to dinner at a five-star restaurant. It’s well known for its energizing effects and euphoria-inducing effects as well. It has a fantastic impact on the reduction of anxiety, pains, and fatigue

Blue dream:

This particular strain looks sweet and tastes even more delightful. This Sativa-dominant hybrid invites a calming and sometimes thoughtful high. Blue dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. It delivers a swift symptom relief without massive sedative effects. It helps in the treatment of patients suffering from pains, depression, and nausea. It is not totally a sedative, so it is perfect for easing cramps and inflammation without necessarily falling asleep. It is also said to be able to lift your mood and give a feeling of euphoria. It makes you happy and gives you that creative ability.

Northern lights:

This strain ranks among the most famous strains of all time. Its psycho-active effects allow for the relaxation of the muscles and the pacifying of the mind in dreamy euphoria. It is another relaxing, sleep-inducing strain known for its mood-lifting effects and can be used to relieve insomnia, pain, and depression. The origin of this strain can be further explained by Zamnesia who also sells seeds online.

Purple Kush:

This pure indica strain has an earthly and subtle aroma. It gives you a blissful and long lasting aroma that blankets the mind while physical relaxation rids the body of sleeplessness and stress. It is also used medically in the treatment of anxiety, pains, insomnia, depression, and some level of fatigue.

Sour Diesel:

It is a highly energizing and mood-lifting strain. It is excellent for giving you a burst of productive energy. It provides a long lasting relief from stress, pain, and depression, which make sour diesel a top option among medical patients. It gives you that happy, energetic, and uplifted feeling.

Bubba Kush:

Bubba Kush can crush stress while coercing happy moods. It has a delightful flavor with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee and relaxes the muscles perfectly. It’s perfect for fighting insomnia because of its sleep-inducing strain. It can also be used medically for the treatment of stress, pains, and depression.

Granddaddy purple:

Granddaddy purple’s potential effects are seen in both body and mind, delivering a fusion of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. Like most heavy indica varieties, granddaddy purple is often pulled off the shelf for consumers looking to fight pain, stress, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. This strain is regularly praised for its weight reducing and insomnia fighting results.

Afghan Kush:

This strain is super relaxing and sleep-inducing. This strain can help you feel hungry if you are experiencing appetite loss and can help in relieving pains. It is revered for its high volume of resin content and sedating effects.

LA Confidential:

It is a prevalent and successful strain. It has a smooth and pinky taste with a classic skunky aroma that does not stay for too long. It is said to have noticeable anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects, which is one of the significant reasons why it is a favorite among people with chronic pain. It helps medically in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Maui Wowie:

This strain can help you feel very relaxed yet has an active, energetic, and creative effect. It reduces fatigue, too, making it great for periods when you need to be productive. It has a sweet pineapple flavor and a high energy euphoria. It is highly effective for alleviating stress and depression.

Golden goat:

This strain is usually light green and pink in color, which is indicative of its Hawaiian sativa side. This strain has a THC level of up to 24% and a CBD of 1.08%. It helps in reducing stress, depression, and pains. It is also used medically to alleviate fatigue and headaches.

In conclusion, there are other various strains, but these were just highlighted to show some uses of cannabis strains. Some of the other stains include white widow, super silver haze,  pineapple express, fruity pebbles, etc.


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