Cannabis Control Law In Canada – How Is This Law Beneficial To The Youth


On October 17, 2018, Canada became only the second country in the world to legalize cannabis through the Cannabis Act. The first one to do so was Uruguay. This marks the dawn of a new era in handling one of the most sensitive and appealing products to the youth in a sensible manner. While other countries in the world continue to remain in doubt over their decision to legalize cannabis, or weed for that matter, Canada can boast them to have taken a prompt decision, thus opening up a new avenue to eradicate the problems surrounding the usage of cannabis, especially among the youth.

According to the Canadian Government, the main purpose of imposing the Cannabis Act is to keep the youth away from accessing cannabis as well as to displace the illegal cannabis market in Canada. By doing this, the Government actually puts a hold on using the products like Cannabis as a tool to lure the youth as well as the prevention of selling cannabis through self-service displays or vending machines.

Apart from this, the Act also prevents certain people from intimidating the youth by packaging or labeling Cannabis to increase its appeal to the youth as well as the promotion of the same in order to lure them to use it in an illegal way.

Now, with the introduction of the new law from the Canadian Government, selling or buying weed online becomes a legal proposition in the country. One can now go on sites to buy weed online and get the cannabis of their choice from the wide variety they have on offer. This makes it safer to handle a product as appealing as cannabis to the youth in a controlled and disciplined environment, with the Government being able to keep an eye on the whole dealing and the means of it.

Apart from this, the use of cannabis as a medicine is also streamlined. This seems to be one of the objectives to legalize it in Canada. As one knows, cannabis has been used in medicinal purposes and has proved to be a utility drug in eradicating the ill effects of a number of diseases, mainly related with the nerves. Now, after the legalization of this weed with a high medicinal value, one can visit the online dispensary Canada and buy cannabis so as to use it for normal as well as medical purposes.

Another very important aspect of this law sees the usage of other products like steroids getting controlled as well. Steroids are mainly used by athletes to heighten their performances and also by bodybuilders who compete on a professional level. The need of betterment of performance for any sportsperson has always been an alluring factor and the intakes of steroids have been a common factor in the arena of athletics and bodybuilding.

However, with the introduction of the new cannabis law by the Canadian Government, one can now visit steroids Canada in order to get their dose of steroids for usage in sports and bodybuilding. Given that the steroids are also products which help the people to get heightened sensory perceptions on a number of occasions, it is important to use them responsibly. The new law implemented by the Canadian Government also takes into consideration the responsible usage of the steroids that can have an adverse impact if not used in a disciplined environment and helps in making it safer for the concerned persons to get and use them.

The aforementioned benefits are the ones that come with the Cannabis Law. However, its biggest impact on the society remains the effect it is having on the illegal usage of weed amongst the youth. The young minds are often curious about things that they are not supposed to deal with and the legalization of Cannabis in Canada gives them the opportunity to experience the effects of this multipurpose plant in a controlled and safe environment.

In the case of medicinal use of Cannabis, one should make it a point to abide by the laws framed out by the Government in order to eradicate the ill effects and use it solely for medicinal purposes. Going by the laws that control the use of products likes steroids, it is necessary for the people, especially the youth, to check out the instructions prescribed by the Government laws as well in order to get the heightened performance without the ill effects.

It is a noble as well as a futuristic initiative on the part of the Canadian Government to indulge into taking such a brave decision which will affect the future of the new generation of the people of the country as far as the usage of Cannabis and special drugs are concerned. Hopefully the other countries of the world will take a lesson from the Canadian Government’s commendable decision and think of public welfare over politics while taking decisions over the usage of cannabis as well as certain drugs in the future.


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