How Can You Ship Products from China to USA?


China has almost achieved the position of a production superpower, who is manufacturing a significant proportion of consumer products of the world. For many businesses around the world, importing from this country has proven to be a very successful tactic to become competitive in their businesses.

However, it is easier said than done particularly for any start-up company. The process of importing can be quite complex, confusing, and also costly too. Often your expected gains may become zero due to longer transit times, fluctuating delivery costs, unexpected delays, and regulatory fees.

What can be the best Ways to Ship products from China to the USA?

There is no definite answer to this question, however, while shipping from China to USA you must carefully consider the below-mentioned important variables:

Product and load

Aerosol cans and any strong magnets, for example, are extremely difficult to airship. Other products, such as lithium-ion batteries, are sent by air, but the necessary documentation required is typically difficult to obtain, and only specialized planes can transport them.

As a result, it is frequently more convenient to ship batteries via China through sea freight. Some items are too heavy or bulky to convey by air, and must instead be shipped by rail or sea.

There are some instances where shipping things by air is preferable. Air shipments are frequently excellent for products with a size smaller than 1 cubic meter. Shipping high-value cargo by air is both safer and a requirement of China freight insurance providers.


Most reliable China 3rd-party logistics companies provide end-to-end shipping services that can deliver items to warehouses, residential addresses, and small commercial buildings.

However, there are situations when shipping a container to any site that is not suited for unloading the container can be difficult. As a result, the final destination should be examined, as well as how the goods will be unloaded, in order to choose the best shipping strategy.

Buyers may find it much easier to ship any smaller cargoes via China by air, shipping in some cases, whereas others might benefit from deconsolidation services after the cargo will arrive at the US port.

Timing requirements

In case any freight has to be delivered faster, then air transportation will be the best option. Some containerized shipments coming by sea could be expedited by shipping to the Western Coast instead of the Eastern Coast and then having the consignment fulfilled by rail or truck once it reaches America.

Shipping via sea freight to any popular port near the final destination, also trucking to the final leg of your route is generally the most cost-effective alternative if the timing will not be a concern.

The following are the steps involved while shipping from China to USA any products.

Identify your rights to import

Before you buy any commercial goods in the USA, as an individual or business, you will have to first identify whether you have got the import rights.

If you are importing in the USA, then your SSN (Social Security Number) as an individual or your IRS EIN (Internal Revenue Service Number), if you are in business, will be necessary.

Identify the goods that you like to import

By selling products most trading companies make money, however, if your choice is wrong then it can backfire. To be a very successful importer, do research before selecting your product so that you are sure that there is enough market available.

You must identify something that can stand up by putting your company’s brand name into it so that you feel proud to sell them.

Make sure that the goods are allowed into your country

There are certain items that are not permitted for shipping from China to USA and import is not allowed. Different countries may have different products that are prohibited. Also, ensure that items that you like to import are not subjected to any restrictions, permits, or regulations by the US government.

It will be the responsibility of the importer to assure that the items comply with all rules and regulations.

Classify your goods to calculate the total landed cost

Determine the tariff classification number, which is a 10-digit number for each item that you are planning to import. These numbers together with its Certificate of Origin will be used for determining the duty rate that you must pay while shipping from China to USA. Based on that you can then calculate the landed cost.

Identify your Chinese supplier and place your order

After identifying your Chinese supplier, you need to place your order, after identifying the shipping terms to be followed. After selecting your Chinese supplier, you must request a Performa Invoice for your purchases to include the system number, value, and description of the item.

Your invoice must show the weight and dimensions of the package and also the terms of purchase.

Make arrangements for your cargo transport

There will be many costs that are associated with your shipping goods, which includes:

  • Container fees
  • Packaging fees
  • Terminal handling fees
  • Broker fees

For getting the complete picture of the shipping cost, each of these must be considered and taken into account

Track your cargo to prepare for its arrival

Any shipping from China to the USA may take a little time and on average, it may take about 14 days for reaching to the Western Coast of the US or 30 days in reaching the East Coast.

The consignee normally is going to be notified within five days or less of any port arrival, by your destination agent. When your shipment will reach the US, the importer will file its entry documents meant for the goods at the port of entry with the port’s director

Obtain your shipment

As your item arrives, you need to make proper arrangements for the customs broker for clearing them through customs. If everything will go well, it is your right to collect your shipment.

In case you have chosen for door service, then you can wait for the shipment, which will arrive at your address as designated.


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