Can Autonomous Car Tech Save Lives?


In the United States, one out of every four auto accidents is caused by drivers who are simply too distracted to pay attention to the road. This reality has been causing the number of deadly accidents to rise. As more drivers become smartphone users, this reality only gets worse.

But what if I told you that embracing self-driving technology is the best way to change this reality?

As companies like Tesla, Audi, and Google develop autonomous car technologies that are able to take control of your car on some of the most traveled roads in California, others focus on developing safety features that help to prevent accidents before it’s too late. Precisely because so many automakers have put in so much dedication into securing occupants, the autonomous technology appears to be a natural evolution for the auto industry. But how exactly can this new technology help to save lives?

According to techies across the country, the autonomous car technology can put an end to accidents by removing driver error from the picture.

Most auto accidents happen because of driver error. Distracted driving accidents can be easily prevented if drivers focus on the road ahead. Too often, however, drivers aren’t capable of being fully engaged and their imaginations run wild, increasing the risk of distracted driving accidents.

With the autonomous car technology, drivers will be free to be distracted as much as they want while the car computer does all the driving. Before the system is available for drivers across the globe, government officials and techies say, companies like Google must make sure that the technology won’t neglect any potential scenario that may develop into an accident. Until the technology has advanced enough to cover any kind of road and avoid collisions under all circumstances, drivers will have to be happy with the semi-autonomous technologies being added to newer vehicles.

Until autonomous car systems are able to register individuals, hand gestures, and intentions, the system may not be considered safe enough for mass use. Until Google is able to address this issue, cars fitted with the system may be required to allow individuals to take over the wheel in case there’s a situation that the computer cannot handle.

That’s one of the reasons why many experts believe that drivers will have to go through an adaptation period before they are able to occupy fully autonomous—and even wheel-less—vehicles.

As tech giants and automakers team up to make your driving experience a much safer one, drivers who are still in charge should never forget about the deadly risks associated with distracted driving. Focus your attention on the road ahead and the vehicle, and remember that you’re responsible for your vehicle and how you handle it while sharing the road with others.

Vehicles are weapons and they can put your life and the lives of countless others in major danger. If you’re serious about your safety and the safety of others, you should not rely on technology alone to stay safe. Take responsibility for your actions, put the phone down, and keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.


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