What Transportation Laws Are Substantial


There is almost no country in the world that can run smoothly without the presence of traffic laws. Just like every bank, community, employment agency, business, street, park has a law, there exist traffic laws. Not only does this minimize the number of possible deaths that can occur due to uncontrolled and UN-directed cars on the road, it can also lead to completely chaos. Imagine being stuck on the road for hours with legitimately nowhere to go. That is what can happen with the absence of traffic laws. These laws act as rules that indicate people where and how to drive their cars in order to maintain a smooth flux on the roads.

The presence of all the above mentioned laws and more is to ensure that the citizens are provided with the basic code of conduct that allows them to leave a peaceful and harmonious life. Each country has a different traffic law. The reason why this is so is because each country varies in:

  • The kind of people that live there.
  • The government that rules.
  • The kind of system that exists, for example whether if it is a left or right hand drive.
  • The traditions of the place that have existed over centuries
  • Preferred method of transport; this means do people prefer traveling in personal vehicles, on bicycles or public transport.
  • The infrastructure of the roads and several other similar aspects.

Keeping the above list in mind, following are a few reasons and explanation of traffic laws:


Once a traffic law has been introduced it has to be implemented as diligently as well. The kind of traffic laws that exist in the world include:

  • Speed limits
  • Stop signs
  • Directions cars are required to travel in
  • Indicated lanes for personal vehicles, bikes, public transportation and pedestrians.
  • Parking areas
  • Use of tail and head lights.

All the above ensure a harmonious flow is maintained on the roads. Not only do these laws hold value to the vehicles but also to the people living in the same area.

An example of the ways the above are important is, if a car gets into the lane for bikes, it will disrupt the flow. The bikes will not find any room to move about and it will leave the driver with a parking ticket. Though this is a very minor example of why traffic laws are important, a more serious example includes: if a car changes its lane without indicating or hits the break and does not have tail lights, the car behind will not be indicated of the change. As a result of this, the speed of the car behind will not be changed as a precaution and it will slam into the car in front. This ultimately leads to material and physical losses. Traffic laws minimize such troubles.

Therefore, the proper understanding and implementation of traffic laws add to a peaceful and well-functioning community. It makes the lives of the people easier and gives them a sense of security.



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