Where to Start after Buying a Fixer-Upper Home: Simplifying Renovations


Buying a home that needs some work can be a sound financial decision as buyers of fixer-upper homes are often able to degrade the initial asking price through negotiations and ultimately buy a property for a steal. However, when it comes to investing in renovations and repairs, you will need to tread carefully to ensure you are not overspending and paying more for the property at the end of the day. To ensure that you can get the most out of each renovation project, we have compiled this property repair and renovation guide to enable you to focus on the most critical areas of your new home.

Determine Repairs With A Professional Home Inspection

Regardless of your new home’s overall appearance, there may be underlying issues that need immediate attention. While it is best to have a home inspection done before closing the deal, if you have not yet had professionals inspect your property’s actual condition, you should invest in the service before starting with renovations and repairs. The decision will help you determine which issues are significant and which are minor, allowing you to budget before you get to work with fixing up your home.

Fixing The Major Issues

Any property’s significant issues include problems such as structural concerns, blatant wall cracks, roof repair needs, flooring, plumbing, and the home’s electrical wiring. Once you have had a professional inspect your home and know which issues are significant, you should start with them when conducting repairs. It is best to leave the major problems professional services to. These are not projects suitable for a ‘do it yourself approach, which could essentially end up costing you even more in the long run if the projects are not completed correctly.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is undeniably considered the heart of every home, as most home buyers consider it the home’s epicenter. While kitchen upgrades and renovations are on the pricey side of home improvement projects, spending wisely here will boost property value and genuinely transform the look and the atmosphere of your home. Depending on your fixer-upper home condition, you may need to opt for professional renovation services to manage the plumbing and electrical details. However, you can consider handling some of the kitchen upgrades yourself if you are reasonably good with DIY projects. There are tons of ways to save when renovating a kitchen, such as reusing and revamping existing cabinets and cupboards, opting for a modern minimalist approach, and only spending on appliances that will enhance functionality.

The Bathrooms

Whether your fixer-upper property has one bathroom or more, this area of the house is the next focal point, according to home buyers’ opinions. Investing some money into vamping up the bathrooms in your new property will increase the value substantially. However, it would be best if you left this job to the professionals as incorrect placement of fixtures can lead to issues that will cost a small fortune down the line. In addition to avoiding potential extra costs, plumbing is no line of work for any layman. With that said, you can save significantly if the existing fixtures are in good condition and focus on replacing the flooring. What’s more, replacing the fittings such as the vanity, railings, and others can be relatively affordable.

Things You Can Do Yourself

Once all the major issues have been tended to, you can start working on some home improvement projects yourself to save money. These projects will include repainting your home with a fresh coat of quality interior paint. It would be best to consider repainting the entire house with one color such as white, a light shade of tan, or a light shade of grey to keep things simple when you later furnish and decorate the home. After painting, you can tend to any other small details yourself, such as replacing light fixtures and fittings, adding shelving or extra storage space, installing cupboards, and further small details. Depending on your level of skill when it comes to DIY projects, you could also consider replacing doors yourself. On the other hand, replacing any broken windows is best left to professional services as shabby fitted windows can massively affect your property’s appearance.


Yard work is definitely one of the most affordable home improvement projects out there. What’s more, landscaping is also a project that can dramatically boost property value. In addition to this, you can also consider managing your yard work without professional services if you want to save even more. However, it is wise to have a professional landscaping service transform your yard and manage the ongoing maintenance on your own if you don’t have a knack for gardening. If you aren’t too sure what type of landscaping design or theme to opt for, it is best to consider modern, simplistic designs that won’t require too much maintenance in the long run.

Curb Appeal Improvements

Curb appeal refers to the charm that a home gives from a street view, and it is a crucial aspect of any home that impacts property value massively. You can manage curb appeal improvements on your own as they include repainting the exterior and boundary walls, vamping up landscaping, and fixing up any eye-sore details on the property’s exterior. However, the roof is also included in curb appeal. Any roof repairs or improvements needed should be left to the professionals as mending a roof can be pretty dangerous if you don’t really know what you are doing.

Once you have successfully completed all the projects mentioned above, there’s no doubt that your property will be in perfect condition. Now you can get started with furnishing and decorating your home if you have purchased your home, intending to transform it into your dream home. Alternatively, suppose you have purchased your fixer-upper property, intending to flip it for a profit. In that case, you can list your home unfurnished or furnished depending on the remainder of your budget and your asking target price.


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