Business Headshots: Do You Need One?


Before the conception of the internet, people used to think that headshot photographs are only for actors, models, and other artists. Actors need them to audition with casting directors. Even musicians, who are primarily marketed through their sounds, can’t escape the requirement for headshots. They need them for their singles, EPs and LP albums, and to sustain their fans.

During the 1960s, in the Beatlemania phenomenon, fans clamored for and scurried to buy posters, magazines, even postcards of The Beatles.

Celebrities and their managers use headshots to help market their talents to the consumers.  Many authors use them too.

Before photography was discovered, Shakespeare’s first picture was an engraving on the cover of the First Folio in 1623, published posthumously seven years after his death. Now, publishers usually put the authors’ headshots in the back covers or on the inside of the back covers.

How to Have a Business Headshot Done

Career advisers do recommend professional headshots. A business headshot may be done in a DIY manner due to the proliferation of smartphones with powerful cameras.  A lot of selfie photographs can be found on social media. Dating sites are full of accounts with selfie shots. Do-it-yourself photographs may be appropriate for such sites and informal forums, but what impression would a selfie photo generate in the business and professional circles? How many actors and artists post selfie shots?

Why Do I Need a Business Headshot?

A business headshot can be an amazing tool for a person to draw attention and be noticed. The headshot shows a glimpse of his personality. It generates first impressions that could lead to getting that interview or pave the way for the first face-to-face meeting.

The content of the CV orients people with the skills, knowledge, and experiences, but the attached business headshot will add a human factor to the CV. The business headshot can help you play your trump card.

Between a DIY headshot and professional work, the latter is achieved through the skills and expertise of professional photographers. It is now very easy to search online for highly experienced professional photographers through any of the available search engines.

If you are located in Texas, for example, a search for Business Photographer McKinney tx will give you results with relevant information and some samples of their works. Notice the difference between DIY selfie photos and the business headshots.

Business headshots also come as an advantage on social media accounts. They can be used as avatars where people of the same minds converge. A personal blog used by serious practitioners to attract customers can also be benefitted from a business headshot.

For corporations and smaller formal business organizations, the services of professional photographers also lend advantages. Companies use business headshots on their corporate organograms, websites, and blogs. Headshots of leaders are needed for in-house publications, brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.

The individual photographs of the business team reflect the professionalism and culture of the company.

Using the services of business photographers elevates the quality of the image which the company wishes to show its clients. The previous link for Business Photographer McKinney tx also serves corporate business photography needs.

There’s one final tip. A business headshot needs periodic updates to reflect the progress of the individual or the business organization. It is recommended that an update should be made at least once every year.


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