The Best YouTube Downloader: YouTubNow Review


Youtube has been around for many years now. And over the years it has been able to build quite an array of content on the website for many to enjoy for free. Well at least most of it is free( YouTube Red, we’re looking at you.) The website also recently bought in the ability to rent movies from its ever-growing collection and then users have the ability to watch the movie whenever want, at their leisure.

One thing that has been missing from the successful mix that is YouTube is the ability to download videos and store them onto your hard drive. Well if you look at it technically, YouTube did launch an update that gave users the ability to download videos onto their devices, but this update never really came in handy because users were limited in what they could do with the downloaded files. The encoding YouTube used on these files made it pretty much impossible for users to watch, let alone use the downloaded videos on apps other than YouTube itself. The app also didn’t allow users to download the files in any other format, or to be more specific, users couldn’t download their favorite music videos in the form of youtube mp3 files.

But today we’ve found the solution to that particular problem, we’ve found a solution that will allow users to download files directly onto their devices and also allows them to download YouTube videos in mp3 formats so that they can simply get all their music needs from one website. A web service called YouTubNow has recently come across to this side of the internet and we found ourselves pretty much in awe of all the features that came in with the website. Read on to find out more about the features of YouTubNow.

Main Features of YouTubNow: The free YouTube Downloader

A free to use web service, with no restriction whatsoever.

Usually, when we’re approached by websites showing off their “free” features, we find ourselves to be quite a skeptic about the whole free approach to things. Because more often than not companies simply tell us a few features that they offer for free while other, more important and interesting features are conveniently hidden behind a paywall. While it may be a successful advertisement gimmick, it fails to ever impress us.

But something we found to be really refreshing about YouTubNow is the approach it has taken with the freeware. Literally, everything they offer is available on the website for free. No premium version that you’ll need to pay for to unlock features. In fact, with YouTubNow you can download unlimited videos, convert them into mp3 files as many times as you like and also have download speeds that are solely dependant on your internet plan.

Download Mp3 files with ease

With the help of YouTubNow, users can easily download their favorite tracks from Youtube in the form of mp3 files. Alongside mp3, you can also download files in WebM and m4a formats. These files are downloaded onto your hard drive and you can do whatever you please with them. Transfer them onto your mp3 player or your mobile phone, what we’re saying is that you can go ahead and go crazy with it!

What’s our call on this web service?

We’re sold. Hook, line, and sinker. The features we went over in the article barely scratch the surface of all the functionality of this application. Like the integrated search bar that allows users to search for videos without having to leave the webpage, or the ability to download videos in the format and quality of their choice.

All this for free.  Honestly, what else does one need?


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