The 3 Best Things To Fix As Soon As You Move Into An Old House


Buying an old house is the dream of many new homeowners. They love the quirkiness and character of an old house that you simply don’t get when you buy a new one. The thought of all the stories that the house contains and the history makes it a very intriguing place to live.

The problem with old houses is just that. They’re old. And old things tend to have problems that need to be fixed. The thought of unexpected expenses down the line when things break or need to be replaced is daunting for many. However, you can get a home warranty with a trustworthy home service contract and avoid a lot of major expenses. There are some things to fix right away, however. In this article, we will go over several things to do right away.

1The electrical system

In the days that your new old house was built, it had a very limited electricity demand. These days the demand is off the charts in comparison with all the devices and appliances we have. This means that you will need to upgrade it to be able to handle what you will be asking of it.

The first thing to do is change the fuse box and install a circuit breaker with enough poles and amps to handle a large draw. This will also be safer since fuse boxes are notorious fire hazards.

The wiring is also certainly going to cause problems. For starters, the chances are high that the protection around the wires has been rubbed away and you have exposed wire that can start a fire. Secondly, the wires will not have the proper gauge to handle the increase in electricity flowing through them with the additional devices you surely have. These will need to be upgraded as well.

2The plumbing

Our plumbing situation may be in decent shape as those old pipes were built to last. As long as they flow then you are likely not looking at any huge bills. However, you will likely need to update some things in your bathroom and kitchen to modernize the system.

For instance, if you have an old toilet then it should be replaced so you can have a modern one that saves water and is easier to clean.

The fixtures all over the house probably need to be swapped with low-flow versions, as well. These save money and still give you plenty of pressure that you expect. Change the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen as well as the showerhead.

3Foundation problems

Old houses are notorious for having leaky and crumbling foundations. They were usually made out of fieldstones and aren’t passing the test of time. It is a good idea to go through the basement and look for leaks that will cause you headaches later on. Seal the holes and repoint any mortar off the stones and bricks to keep the foundation from leaking.


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