10 Best Storage Ideas That Will Keep Your Homes Neat


We may not be blessed with ample storage space, but we have been blessed with the glory of the internet and the power of Google to search on how to improve the organization and cleanliness of our house. Whether you may own a medium-sized home or a small house, either way, there are plenty of creative ways to make things work for you.

There are times when you only have insufficient time to clean the house and even have a hard time maintaining it because of the busy schedule. But it is not a problem when you have a perfect strategy to keep things in order. It would probably be building an outdoor bench where there is a compartment for tools or by just merely lining up wooden crates to help you have an organized space in the living room.

If your house is a huge mess—a clutter of things and tons of things occupying the space in your bedroom and living room that should not even be there in the first place. Then sit back, because these ten ideas will not just help you declutter things and conceal messes but keep your house in its pristine and clean conditions with the addition of extra space.

Shoe Peg Organization

Shoes are a necessity, and that’s one of the things at home that could quickly get out of hand when not managed properly. Some of us simply stick the shoes in a closet where, if you live in a small house, is not a good thing at all. There are a lot of shoe rack ideas for small spaces that could help you cater to your shoe problem.

So, one thing is by using a wooden peg rack. With the peg rack, you can easily organize your shoes since you can just can them in it. Please take note that the shoe rack should be close to the wall to avoid tripping on a pile of shoes.

Storage Chest

If there are still peaking plastic bins underneath your bed, then you have to consider what you are doing in your life. It is time to find a piece of furniture that is attractive and exudes an aura of an adult because you are not in your college days anymore. You need more storage, more space in your life—I mean in your house in order to not make it congested.

And the answer to that dilemma would be to build or to own a storage chest. By doing this, you can store the plastic bins and other things in order. Thus, a storage chest can be displayed in style in the living room or anywhere you want it to be.

Ottoman Storage

A footrest, extra seating, or a coffee table when paired with a tray. These are some of the plenty uses for an ottoman. But one thing that really will blow your mind is the idea that you can stash stuff under its lid. It could be books or blankets and everything in between. You can also customize the upholstery in order to fit your actual needs. You could make the suede lusher and resistant to children and even pets.

A Hidden Storage in the Garden Bench

When you need a place to be calm and want to set your mind at ease, it is a great idea to chill out on the garden while sitting on a bench. But that would be more purposeful when you can stash your gardening tools and kits inside it.

You can build a garden bench by using cedar or ipe that is weather resistant. You can also add a backrest, which can be an ornamented curve to make it more pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, it provides an inviting aesthetic.

Install Tension Rods

The installation of tension rods in your cabinet will help you maximize the usage of your cabinet as you can hang your spray bottles and also your pans neatly. This organization hack will help you find the spray and pans you need instantly, and you can avoid shuffling things around to get what you want. Thus, it will make putting the things that you used easier.

Old Bottle as a Chip Clip

Cannot finish a bag of chips and afraid that they will lose their crispiness? Well, an old plastic bottle will solve your problem in no time. All you have to do is cut the neck of the plastic container, the one where the cap is connected. Then, you twist the loose part of the bag of chips and insert it into the hole in the lid. Lastly, fold the bag and seal it tight using the cap of the plastic bottle.

The Bigger, The Brighter

The crucial step in making your house elusive is to maximize the light. Since the combination of natural light and the right use of artificial light will create an optical illusion that will make the small house looks bigger. The usage of the spotlights in the corner will add brightness, thus more visual space.

Shelves Along Your Bedroom Walls

Running out of ideas where you can safely put your novels, dictionary, and periodicals? Well, instead of stashing your books and magazines in a table, you can maximize your bedroom walls by placing a shelf in it. This will add a storage space that amounts up to 12 inches more or less depending on the size of your bedroom. You can also add tons of stuff in it, not just magazines and books.

Hang Clothes Rack in a Corner 

If you do not own a closet, here is a tip for you. You don’t need an expensive wardrobe to fit all your clothes. The only thing you need is a rack. Then, find an empty corner. All you have to do is install a rack at the corner of your house and then hang your clothes on it.

Drawers Under the Bed 

Using your bed as storage is one of the most basic hacks in saving space in your bedroom. In this way, drawers under your bed can offer you more space compared to a dresser. You can store not just your clothes but also your collections of vinyl, games, or files.


There are a bunch of ways in which you can maximize the space in your home. It may be in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. It does not matter at all. You can make use of and utilize all the things in your house and create more storage space out of it.


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