20+ Best Property Management Apps


In the real estate industry, property management is essential. The success of your business relies on how you manage your property from advertisement to means of collecting rental payments. In today’s time, some apps can help you manage your properties from small to large scale type of real estate business.

As a modern-day property owner, you might contemplate what’s the best way to reach your target market, is it a good idea to rent to mellennials? If such factors are your concern, the property management apps available today will help you carry-out the nitty-gritty of property management minus the hassles of old-school management style.

Here’s a list of the best property management apps that can help you enhance the performance of your real estate business.

The AppFolio Property Manager

The AppFolio Property manager is an application with accounting and management features. This property management app allows the property managers to market and manage their businesses like student housing, residential, and commercial properties.

The app can also provide services like online payment, applicant screening, online lease agreement, marketing accounting and other significant tasks for your business needs. It offers a complete payment platform that includes different payment options such as credit card, e-check, and electronic cash payment.

The Rentec Direct

The Rentec Direct app has online portals for property owners and tenants, and a custom website to advertise your properties online. This property management app also helps in tracking work orders, credit card payment processing, syndication of payment vacancy listings, and online rental applications.

The InnQuest

InnQuest has an export/import wizard that moves over data such as guest profiles, invoices, accounts, and travel agents information. This property management app includes central reservation, housekeeping, front office, core accounting, online booking engine maintenance management, and guest relation management.

The Hemlane

The Hemlane is a property management app that allows the owner or the manager to list their property, track and manage the applicants, message tenants, update any rentals info, and track maintenance request. The tenants can also use this app to apply online, message property representatives, set up their bank accounts and pay the rent online.

The PropertyZar

The PropertyZar app is an app solution for real estate managers and midsize property owners. This property management app proposes features like rent accounting, tenant screening, scheduling maintenance, and posting vacancies.

The app has a dedicated portal for tenants and owners where the tenants may submit their information, maintenance requests and pay rent while the owners may also have a view of their rental business, send rent notification, manage leases and receive maintenance requests.

The SiteLink

The SiteLink app offers both rentals and payments solutions as well as online reservations. This property management app also features built-in electronic signature and document management, TeleTracker phone integration, TOTAL CRM, revenue management, and text messaging.

The SiteLink app also enables it’s users to maintain SOC 1 Type II and PCI DSS Level 1 certifications for data security. SiteLink is indeed a powerful tool that can cater to a lot of basic needs in property management.

The storEDGE

The storEDGE app can assist users in managing storage facilities. Its technology includes cloud access control tools, facility management software, online rentals, marketing websites, and business intelligence tools.

This property management app features pay online and rent online tools, mobile-responsive web design, lead notifications and tracking, Google Map verification, and many more.

The Property Vista

The Property Vista app is a property management solution that helps property management and real estate firms to record functions connected to their properties including gaining new tenants, advertising rental properties, and even collecting rental payments.

The iRent

The iRent is a property management app for small and medium-sized property managers.

Its feature includes billing and financial management, tenant management, work order management, and role-based system. This app also has accounting tools to allow managers to process monthly rent, bill tenants, set rules for overdue payments and other surcharges, maintain digital copies of rent slips, and pay utility bills.

The Total Management

The Total Management app is suitable for medium and large business that manage apartments, commercial or retail space, and mixed portfolio. This property management app helps users perform multitask by navigating multiple screens in a single browser without using tabs. It also can navigate the system based on a user’s preference.

The Building Engines

The Building Engines is a property management app that is suitable for industrial real estate properties, commercial office, and retail. The app allows users to connect with data, activities, mitigate risk, and improve tenant engagement and satisfaction. The Building Engines also let the user set their own targets for service delivery.

The Yardi Voyager

The Yardi Voyager is a property management solution which helps the user to manage their real estate portfolio more competitively and efficiently. The app designs, develops and supports real estate management.

This app also offers a full suite of marketing solutions for the real estate business including single family, multifamily, public, affordable, military, and senior housing, office, retail market, and industrial segments.

This Yardi Voyager app serves as an efficient and reliable rent payment monitoring system. It has ready-made forms including templates for a statement of account and tenant ledger.

The RealPage

The RealPage is a property management app which provides data analytics to the real estate business to help clients improve their operating performance. The app includes tenant screening, utility management, applicant waitlist, online leasing, and more efficiencies to provide your business needs.

The Buildium

The Buildium App allows the property managers to edit or view property, owner, tenants, or third party contractor information. It has mapping abilities to get directions to a specific property and take photos of the site. Using the Buildium app, property managers can now access their property data in the office or on the go.

The RentTracker

The RentTracker is a property management app for property managers and landlords. The app allows the user to view expenses, rent payments, and export financial reports. It will also track the expiration of the lease, late payers, and year-end taxable finances.

The WegoWise

The WegoWise is a property management app which helps the user to monitor their property’s energy data, increase efficiency and lower costs. The app’s will also provides insightful, timely and reliable information to help the user manage water and energy use to improve the efficiency of their properties.

The 10ent

The 10ent is a property management app that provides easy tenant communication and better facility management for your property. The app allows the user to send notices to tenants, receive service requests from the lessee, and define multiple properties including office-suites, buildings, or apartments.

The Easy Storage Solutions

Easy Storage Solutions is a property management app that supports bookings, internet payments, and card processing. The app can calculate late fees, manage collections, and sends payment reminders to the tenant via email or text messages. It can also create statistical reports, retain customer information, and integrate with Google maps.

The TenantCloud

The TenantCloud App is an app designed for tenants, landlords, and vendors.  This property management app provides online rental applications, online rent collection, accounting, and work orders management. It offers personal website, cloud storage, account management, vacancy marketing, and customizable expense report.

The Rissoft

The Rissoft is a property management apps designed for managing commercial and residential real estates, RV parks, parking facilities, condominium and more. The app helps users to manage legal cases, vacancies, work orders, tenant application, and calendar tasks. It can also allow the property manager to send letters, rent bill, and energy consumption reports to their tenants.

The Lodgix

The Lodgix is a property management solution that provides tools for guest management, online booking, accounting for owners, and vacation rental managers. The app helps the user find the answer to queries including availability and pricing.


Property management is not an easy task. The income and future of a rental business rely on how you manage your property. You need to find the best way to maintain and update your property for more clients and profits. That mentioned, the apps listed above can provide you with an effective way to manage your real estate business and will help you achieve the success you ever wanted.


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