5 Best Places to Live in Nevada


Nevada is a magnificent place to call home. Some places in Nevada are much better for living in than others. Nevada is the state with the most exciting livable cities, endless perks, and rugged beauty. It has some communities and cities that are top rated because of minimum crime ratio, excellent schools, a lot of recreational opportunities, various amenities, and affordable living costs.

The Silver State, Nevada is adjacent to so many states and a frequent destination for tourists, but above all its high-quality post-secondary schooling, a plethora of culture, and minimum taxes make it an ideal place to live. Having your luxury home in Nevada is not just a dream anymore.Here the top 5 places in Nevada to choose your next dream house:


Elko is one of the best small towns in America; it is the area with the Ruby Mountains and lots of recreational opportunities. It is the least expensive place of Nevada that is intertwined with portions of the Humboldt River. Nevada provides all the amenities of the city-like dining, shopping, and entertainment with the bonus feelings of rural or country living. Elko provides plenty of employment opportunities in and around it. It is a great place for outdoorsy people to move, but not bad at all for introverts too.


Henderson is the top rated place to live in the state of Nevada. It is the second-largest city of the state located near to the metropolitan area of Las Vegas in the Southeast. You can find maximum options for shopping, dining, and entertainment with a low crime rate, good prospects for employment, and a high livability score. Its population is 284,817.


Winnemucca is a small town in Nevada with a population of 7,870. This is the town famous for its ethnic diversity. With a small, friendly, and enclosed community it is the best place to raise a family. It is the highest residential home market in the country. It is the place with vast unpopulated stretches of land and also provides unlimited excess for fishing, hunting, exploring, and sightseeing and other recreational opportunities.


With the population of 96,786 Sparks is a large city in Washoe County. Families and persons who wish to embrace the suburban way of life. With a well-connected transportation system, competitive utility rates, and reasonable cost of industrial and commercial property, Sparks has something for everyone.


You can call it the biggest little city in the world. With an impressive population of fewer than 250,000 residents, this rapidly growing city gives you a feel of a small town. Reno has Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake of the United States that is also the purest lake of the world. Reno is for people who simply love to be part of the bustling startup scene. You need to pay more to live here as it is a little expensive too, but it might worth it for a small city with the feel of a big town.


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