Check Out These 19 Best Foods For Skin Health!


A glowing and radiant skin is a desire of every person. Women are particularly sensitive about their skin and an unhealthy skin can have severe repercussions on their personality and self-confidence.

Our skin requires daily nourishment in the form of good diet. A good diet incorporates a balanced portion of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. So without wasting any more time, let’s find out some of the best foods you should add to your diet regimen to improve the quality of your skin:

1. Green Tea

Green tea has incredible health benefits for the skin. It cannot only help you lose fats but also improve the quality of your skin. It contains antioxidants and catechins that improve blood supply and the flow of oxygen to your skin. Regular intake of green tea can increase the moisture in your skin and make it look supple.

According to a study, daily consumption of green tea can protect your skin from ultraviolet rays to up to twenty-five percent.

2. Fish

Fishes like Sardine, Mackeral, and Salmon are rich in omega-fatty acids that ensure good skin health. Omega-fatty acids also play an important role in protecting your skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays which causes redness. Fish oil is also rich in Vitamin E which keeps your skins away from inflammation.

Therefore, you need to add portions of fish in your diet to make sure that your skin looks healthy and robust.

3. Tomato

Tomato is abundant in carotenoids which are known to reduce cell damage and prevent wrinkles. It is also rich in lycopene which is known to protect the skin from aging and maintains the skin texture. A daily portion of tomato can also protect your skin from sunburn.

4. Avocado

Avocado is excellent for dry skin. Since it contains Vitamin C in abundance, it keeps your skin smooth and supple. In addition, avocado is also filled with antioxidant that helps protect your skin from UV rays. You can even apply this fruit topically on your skin to keep it moisturized and healthy. The many benefits of avocado also include its ability to maintain essential oils in your skin.

5. Walnut

Walnut is one of the best cures for dry skin as it contains plenty of omega-3 acids that increase the retention of water in your body which is essential to reduce the dryness and itchiness of your skin. Regular consumption of walnuts is also beneficial for hairs. A quarter cup of walnuts is enough to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

6. Orange

Orange is a can improve the glow of skin as well as make up for the loss of Vitamin C in the body. The orange is particularly known for the healing effect of its peels. As an exfoliant, it can be applied to the skin to remove acnes, blemish, and dark circles.

In addition, a daily glass of orange juice can revitalize your skin and its exfoliant can open the skin pores and make it look radiant.

7. Chicken

For the meat lovers, chicken can be a great substituent to replenish their daily dose of selenium and zinc that are responsible to increase collagen and regulate hormone balance in our body. Therefore, if you want to get a radiant skin while you are on a vegan diet, the chicken can be the best alternative.

8. Egg

An egg is full of protein that can invigorate your skin. It helps your cells recuperate from the damage caused by free radical. It also contains biotin which is an essential ingredient to get rid of dry skin.

The good thing about egg is that you can make dozens of dishes from this food and it does not pose any risk to your health as it is low in fat.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is another super-food that can boost your skin. It is particularly beneficial for people with acne problem as it contains Indole-3-Carbinol which balances out the hormonal changes in your body and keeps estrogen in control which is known to cause cystic acne. You can supplement broccoli in your juice or mix it in the salad to fulfill your daily requirements.

10. Cucumber

Cucumber is made up of 96% of water and this alone makes it the best food for a healthy skin. It has a hyaluronic acid that accumulates moisture in the skin. Cucumbers are also used as the exfoliant to reduce eye bags as it contains antioxidants and flavonoids which are known to fight against irritation and swelling. In addition, you can use the juice of the vegetable to open the clogged pores.

11. Water

Water is essential for life. We all know that but it is equally essential for our skin. The regular intake of water flushes out the toxins in your skin and opens the pores. However, the daily water intake should not be replaced with cola drinks as they contain high levels of sugar which react with proteins to create wrinkles. So keep yourself hydrated only with distilled water.

12. Molluscs

Molluscs, such as lobster, oyster, and shellfish are abundant in zinc which keeps your skin plump and smooth. So the next time you dine out with your family and friends, don’t forget to order some lobster or oyster.

13. Carrot

Carrot is another vegetable that you can add to your diet plan to get a natural glow on your skin. It has plenty of carotenoids that contribute to yellow tone in your skin which is a sign of health. In addition, carrot can treat acnes, rashes, and other skin problems as it is rich in Vitamin C which is known for its powerful therapeutic effects.

14. Sweet Potato

Beta-carotene is the chief nutrient in sweet potato which changes into Vitamin A that is essential for your body to replace the dead cells with new ones. This helps make you look younger than your age.

15. Almond

Almond is excessive in Vitamin E which can ensure good health of your skin as well protect it from ultraviolet rays. It fights the free radicals that cause aging in the people. You can eat almond in a number of ways. For example, you can add them as a topping in a sweet dish or mix them in the beverages.

16. Bone Soup

Bone soup is known for its high quantity of collagen which fights against aging as well as fortifies the digestive system. You can consume bone soup in different concoctions by including meat, vegetables, or eggs. A cup of bone soup can provide you enough minerals, amino acids, and vitamins to boost your skin and strengthen your gut.

17. Green Vegetable

Green vegetables are good for skin health. Part of this fact is associated with the green color of the vegetables that they get from chlorophyll which is considered to be effective against removing the toxic substances from our body.

Adding vegetable juice in your daily diet can multiply its health benefits. To spice it up with more flavors, you can add milk and butter in it.

18. Olive Oil

The many health benefits of olive oil have been the topic of many health articles. From fortifying your cardiovascular health and boosting your bones to strengthening your hairs and improving your digestion, there are plenty of health benefits of olive oil.

For those who are sensitive about their skin, olive oil can provide monounsaturated fatty acids which slow down the aging process and provide a shield against sun exposure to your skin.

However, you need to keep the cooking temperature at low so that you don’t lose the monounsaturated fats that benefit your health.

19. Chocolate

While chocolate contributes to weight gain, it is a good source of food for people who want to ensure a healthy skin. Chocolate is made of flannels that are known to improve blood circulation and maintains the moisture in your skin. A cup of chocolate shake can significantly reduce the itchiness on your skin and makes it look smooth and gentle.


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