A Guide to Explore the Best Electric Companies in Texas


Texas, located in the South Central Region, happens to be the second-largest state in the United States by area and population. Its diversified economy owes much to its high tech industry that developed in the mid-20th century. Recently, if you have moved to this flourishing state, you must be on the lookout for the best electricity plan at the lowest rates.

There are countless electricity providers in this vast state. So here is a comprehensive guide to help you spot the features you would look for in the electric companies in Texas.


Indeed, amongst the numerous companies, it is hard to find the best. However, if you value awards and accolades, then look for the providers who have won acclamations more than once and offer a wholesome customer satisfaction guarantee. You can easily compare them online through websites like Electricityrates.

Some of them also donate a certain percentage to charity.

Experience and Expansion

Be it any business, electricity, or electrical parts, experience matters. A few electric companies in Texas started their journey from the early 2000s, just when Texas began to deregulate its electricity marketplace.

Over the years, they have expanded over other states like Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, etc. that speaks for their constant growth and success.

Renewable Electricity

Not many electric companies in Texas have the resources for renewable electricity generation. If you have been an ardent supporter of the eco-friendly campaigns, then a 100% renewable electricity providing company should be on top of your list.

To confirm the claims, look for the LEED Platinum Certifications.

Greater Savings

It is nothing unusual for you, as a customer, to attempt to save more on your electricity bills. But how often do you come upon an electricity provider that encourages its clients to save more?

A few companies in Texas have taken this reasonable path. Moreover, they are also offering smart Wi-Fi supported thermostats with some of their plans to help achieve more significant savings. They are known for their easy to understand plans and high customer retention rates too.


Texas, today, serves as the hub for several Fortune 500 companies. However, if you have much faith in legacy, on someone who has been in the business for around a century, then search for a company that is also the official electricity partner of Texas’s govt/public places or properties—American Airlines Center, Texas Rangers, Global Life Park are to name a few.

Ranking and Service

If you swear by ranking, then tie the knot with one of the largest electricity providers in the whole of Texas.

As per the United States Census BuTexas’su, the estimated population was 28,995,881 in 2019. Officially, the state comprises a total of 68 cities and towns and a great many neighborhoods. And only a few electric companies in Texas involve themselves in community service. Some of them garnered much appreciation by dedication around 7000 hours each year and over $4,000,000 to local charitable funds.

Creative Price Points

Some providers do want to make a difference. Therefore, they have introduced creative price points in their plans. Although the concept is still pretty fresh and has an experimental approach, if you are an admirer of new ideas, you can get in touch with them to have a complete understanding.

Varied Plans

As a customer, you deserve to have choices. A few selective companies understand that. Hence, they have brought forth a wide assortment of electricity plans, including renewable energy.

They also have an exclusive offer for the residential properties where the client can switch to a different plan if they are unhappy with the existing one. Usually, it is a one-time offer applicable for a limited period of time.

Reputation with Worthwhile Benefits

While some providers just attempt to lure their customers with cheap rates, some brands are working incessantly on offering something new and worthwhile to their customers at justified rates.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they are being widely accepted in other states apart from Texas and have also extended their services in Canada.

Tool Backed Electricity

How about gaining the ultimate control over your electricity usage and bills? Very few of the Texas’s electric companies have tool-supported systems for their customers to send scheduled texts regarding plans, track usage, view account balance, and pay bills digitally.

Hopefully, the guide mentioned above will help you pick the provider in Texas that suits your requirements best. And it is always best to take up a new plan in the winters than summers for you would be able to avoid the price peaks.


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