5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Business


You may be asking yourself, what difference does it make if my site has a blog? Did you know that 75% of internet users read blogs regularly?

Think about it: Have you ever clicked on a post from a social website that brought you to a blog? Chances are likely you went there to learn more about a product, service, or solution.

Given that 3 out of every 4 users admit they get information from blogs, don’t you think it’s important for your business to consider reaching that large audience?

Here are 5 benefits of blogging for your business.

1Blogging Brings Traffic to Your Site

Having a website is great, but what does is your site doing for you? Is it bringing in leads? Is it profiting your business? Is it just a place for people to know you exist, or does it work for you?

Businesses that understand the power of a blog understand that a great blog can be the engine for your business. According to the Content Marketing Institute, businesses that use blogs get 126% more lead generation than blogs who don’t have a blog.

Combine that with the fact that 3 in every 4 people use blogs, and you have one powerful reason for why your business website should have a blog.

2Blogs Help People Make Buying Decisions

Most people are not looking up businesses in the yellow pages. To be competitive in today’s market, your business needs a presence online. This goes way past just having a business page.

Consider these statistics from Hosting Tribunal:

  • Over 68% of customers agree that have a blog adds credibility to a site
  • 81% of online consumers consider blogs a trusted source of information in the US
  • 70% of online customers would rather learn about a business from a blog rather than an advertisement

These three statistics help to emphasize the true power of having a valuable blog on your business site. Free advertising for your business that is more trusted than an advertisement? Who doesn’t want in on that?

3Blogs Build Brand Trust

We are all in the business of customer service, right? Customer service begins with trust. Having a blog on your site helps to build trust with your next potential customer.

Consider the fact that content from your blog can be shared by visitors on your blog through social media channels, and this can only increase your brand trust and customer loyalty. People may not always trust businesses, but they trust their “friends.”

4Blogs Can Help Build an Email List

If blogs are the engines of any business site, an email list is the gas. Part of building trust with a customer is by increasing the number of ways you interact with them.

Your blog builds a relationship from complete strangers to curious consumers. An email list takes them from curious consumers to potential customers.

Email lists provide:

  • Opportunity to add value
  • Opportunity to add trust
  • Opportunity to sell potential clients

5A Blog Can Build Niche Authority

Consider those lawyers who pay those expensive prices for television advertisements just to get recognition. If they only knew they could get that same recognition for a far cheaper cost, they may stop running commercial ads.

A well-run blog can establish you as a niche authority. Think about it. You could become a recognized figurehead just from keeping a blog that gets great traction through ranking on Google and other sites.

If you’re an attorney looking to improve your business and increase your online presence, starting a blog will help.

If starting a blog seems too difficult, you can also use resources such as this attorney lead generator site to help you get started. This is an amazing resource for attorneys looking to increase their online presence with a blog.

Benefits of Blogging for Business

As you can see, there are many benefits of blogging for business. This article only scrapes the surface of the traction your blog can bring for your business.

Keep checking back for more insightful information on this topic and many more.


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