Bali, the Perfect Wedding Destination for Packages of Up to 30 Guests


Perhaps, the search for the ideal wedding dress may be your big item in the planning process, however, before you can find that perfect attire, you should have a wedding location in mind. When it comes to having unique and idyllic settings for the big day, there is just about no other place as dreamy as Bali.

Bali Island Overwhelmingly Beautiful

Also referred to as the Island of Gods, Bali is overwhelmingly beautiful. It is dotted with magic things particularly the adorned temples, the sandy beaches, the lush jungles, and the colorful offerings. The Indonesian wedding destination is superbly affordable meaning you and your guests can get a huge bang for your buck. If Bali is the spot you would want to say to your love “I do”, it is crucial that you know what to expect in your memorable day.

Where to Find the Best Wedding Ceremony Package – Up to 30 Pax

If you are having your wedding in Bali and you are searching for a package of up to 30 guests, you want to get the right venue is a scenic location. You also want to get a reasonable price for the package so that you don’t put a dent in your pocket. A wedding holiday trip organizer would come in handy to offer you an easy time discovering places and finding the right venue to host your special event. A wedding holiday expert should have a huge collection of available wedding locations and venues you can choose from meaning you will have a wide array of choices. You may want to go with the chapels, the beachfront, cliff sides, the jungle sites, or even the riverside locations.

Also, you want to deal with a local company that is officially registered in Bali with a big office at the heart of Island so that you get the best service. A wedding planner in Bali who is also a proud member of the only legally affiliated wedding association within the region – the Bali Wedding Association, can offer world-class services to the customers. To ensure you don’t encounter surprises when paying for your bills, consider having all-inclusive packages with makeup and photographers included in the price. This way, you know you won’t be spending a lot of money on top of the Bali wedding package price.

There’s Something for Every Guest

If you have always dreamed of exchanging vows at a sandy beach, a lush jungle, a dramatic Cliffside facing crashing waves, or an emerald green rice paddy – you can get all these experiences in Bali. The Island has an array of stunning resorts while also having small, casual accommodations to fit your budget. Your trip to Bali can be ultra low-key, super fancy, or a fun blend of low and high. You have something to suit your style, preferences, budget, and group size.

Besides, Bali has some of the most sought-after spots for weddings with photogenic venue qualities. You can choose from a wide array of venues and ensure you get a location that resonates with your budget and has the ideal features to make your big day a memorable experience.


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