What Can You do With a Bachelors in Business Marketing?


Irrespective of the type of domain or industry and the size of the organisation, every business relies on digital and print marketing to reach their audiences. Contrary to what people usually think, business marketing is not limited to just advertising and sales—it is also associated directly or indirectly with product development, market research and company expansion.

In current times where global expansion is a major goal for majority of businesses, business marketing has emerged as one of the most important aspects of running a company and achieving the company vision. Hence, a background in business marketing can yield multiple career opportunities in almost every major industrial and business domain.

Read ahead to learn what a bachelor’s course in business marketing can provide you and what is the professional scope of pursuing such a degree.

What can a business marketing degree provide you?

As marketing techniques and customer engagement approaches continue to evolve, the need for qualified business marketing professionals with expertise on the latest marketing trends and techniques is also increasing. Pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s course in the subject cam help you understand consumer requirements and behaviour, leverage your products to appeal to the masses and capitalise on the current marketing trends to your benefit.

The course can also develop and refine the required skills associated with content marketing, consumer behaviour, e-commerce, marketing strategies, promotions and advertisements, market research and analytics, utilisation of social media, post-sale services and customer engagement.

What is the career scope of a business marketing degree?

A business marketing degree can help you drive organisational performance and help you shape the purchasing behaviours of your target audience. Pursuing this course can have immense career scope in plenty of domains.

Typical marketing careers include working in advertising agencies or the marketing departments of business organisations. Job titles like marketing executives, marketing consultants, advertisement coordinators, media officers, marketing campaign planners, marketing specialists and social media managers are common examples of typical marketing careers.

Owing to the transformation of marketing techniques, the domain has intersected with other business domains like banking, finance, insurance and education. Less typical marketing roles involve the combination of marketing skills with the subject expertise of other domains. A few examples of atypical marketing career roles include graphic marketing consultants, pharmaceutical marketing specialists and social media consultants.

With the evolution of marketing landscape at a rapid pace, technological trends like Big Data and machine learning are also being integrated into the marketing domain, giving rise to futuristic career roles such as creative technologists, content archivists, Community marketing managers, community executives, transcultural anthropologists, mobile marketing managers and market research consultants.

These roles constitute only a small snapshot of the career opportunities with business marketing degree available in the market. There are many other career opportunities suiting your professional tastes and aspirations that you can unlock with a bachelor’s course in business marketing. Enroll in a BA business marketing course today to get a head-start towards a bright professional career.


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