Reasons Why Digital Signage is Still Effective


You have probably seen digital signage as you walk towards the subway station or at a bus stop. These public places are the best areas for installing digital signage. Before, companies used banners and posters. The good thing about digital signage is that you don’t need to print the details. You can also replace what you posted at any time. Therefore, even with the rise of online marketing, many companies still invest in digital signage and see it as an effective advertising tool.

It’s captivating

Even when you’re far away, and you’re heading in the direction of the signage, you will notice it right away. You will also feel excited to see what’s on the screen to find out more details. Some display boards change the ads several times before the previous ad comes back. If you have an exciting design, people will even wait until your sign is repeated again.

Size matters

Digital signage occupies a considerable portion of a wall. It could also be in the middle of the street. Either way, the sheer size of the digital signage board is enough for people to be curious about what you wrote. The monitors are like large flat screen televisions.

Kids love it

Children respond well to lights and colours. If they see colourful designs and images, they will most likely stop or even touch the monitor. Imagine if they’re your target audience and you win their hearts with the ads. They will also force their parents to head to your store and buy.

It’s cost-effective

You still need to spend money on digital signage. If you’re going to rent a digital signage totem, you need to pay for the length of time that you’ll have the advertisements up. However, the amount is way cheaper than other marketing platforms. For instance, if you’re going to print banners, you need to spend on every page that you request to print. You also need a lot of them across different areas. If you opt for TV advertising, you need to pay a lot for every second that you air your ad. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to advertise without spending a lot, digital signage works.

It’s still digital

In a modern age where everyone seems to appreciate any technological advancement, an approach that takes people back in time isn’t easy to appreciate. Digital signage is like an updated version of the traditional billboard. You don’t print or paint on a surface. Your ad appears on a monitor just like on TV or a computer. Therefore, it’s enough for it to attract attention.

Given these reasons, you need to pursue your plans for using digital signage. Start brainstorming with your marketing team to determine the design that will appeal to many people. Find out which areas will be most effective when putting the ads up so that people will see them and have a closer look. If this strategy works, you can use it again in the future.


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