5 Alternative Radiator Designs for Your Home


When it comes to purchase a new radiator, we are spoiled for choice in this day and age due to the abundance of options available to us. Choosing your new radiator, whether it is a classic or alternative design, will depend on the various qualities of the environment you wish to install it within. We have listed some of the best alterative radiator design that you can incorporate into your home, so you can match your new heating appliance with whatever style you wish.

Column Radiators

Having column radiators in your UK home can be one of the most stylish decision you can make. With columns running from the top to the bottom of the radiator, these radiators offer a traditional aesthetic, with a modern edge. Column radiators can mould into any home environment, standing out as a unique appliance radiating authenticity in a modern home, or offering a traditional, even Victorian look in more conventional homes.

Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are perfect for the modern homeowner who loves indulging in stylish yet functional home appliances. There is a misconception that vertical radiators aren’t as effective when it comes to heating your home. This is well and truly not the case. Vertical radiators are just as powerful as their horizontal counterparts and heat your home in exactly the same way. The beauty of vertical radiators is that they can fit into areas of your home that wider radiators could not, allowing you to enhance your home décor, save space, and heat your home optimally.

Chrome Radiators

Chrome radiators have the ability to enhance your home décor with their metallic finish. These shiny heating appliance are mirrored by their ability to heat your home to excellent levels. These are often found in kitchens and bathrooms, usually sold as towel rail radiators. Dry your towels off in style while your radiator shines.

Lo Line Radiators

Lo Line radiators have also become increasingly popular in modern homes due to their ability to fit in certain areas that taller radiators cannot. This is often underneath windowsills, running low to the grown with a minimalistic aesthetic. If you want to heat your home optimally, save space and own a radiator that catches the eye despite its minimalism, this could well be the model for you and your home.

Coloured Radiators

Coloured radiators are all the rage this year. With any and every radiator colour now available, you really have the pick of the bunch when choosing your brand-new heating appliance. Whether it is a vertical, horizontal, lo line, or any other radiator in between, you will be able to choose your radiator and its colour to ensure it suits you. As there is a misconception that vertical radiators are not as effective as horizontal models, this is similar when it comes to darker coloured radiators. White radiators do not emit heat any worse than white models, so you can literally choose a radiator in any colour of the rainbow and beyond.



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