8 Allergy Tips to Protect, Prevent, and Relieve Discomfort


Is it that time of the year again when your allergies are acting up? Do you want to learn about some useful allergy relief tips? Keep reading to find out about eight useful allergy tips that can ease your allergies.

Only 32 million Americans have life-threatening food allergies. Yet, 85 million Americans in total experience issues because of their allergies. Below are some fall allergy tips to help prevent and relieve allergies.

1Allergy Tips: Know Your Triggers and Seek Treatment

Understand that knowledge is your strongest weapon against all dangers. For your allergies, it’s not enough to know what triggers them. You also need to know how you can prevent and avoid them.

See an immunologist or allergist and ask them to test you for your allergens. The two main types of allergy tests include skin and blood tests. If you want an affordable and accurate way to know your allergens, opt for the skin prick test.

For people with food allergies, the best way you can stay safe is to know your food allergy triggers. The next step after learning is to take action. Depending on your triggers, your doctor will give you over-the-counter or prescription medication.

2Remove Mold and Dust From the Home

Other than pet dander, dust and molds are notorious allergens. They’re some of the most common causes of allergies. The good news is that they’re also quite easy to prevent.

If you live in areas with extreme climates, you’ll want to watch the temperature in your house. If the inside of the home is warm, you run the risk of having mold and dust mites. The ideal temperature in a home to prevent this is between 68 and 72 Fahrenheit.

Your sleep can also get affected by the dust that your bed and pillows collect when you’re not using it. Invest in a waterproof pillow protector that can keep dust and other allergens off your pillow. You may also want to keep your bedroom door and windows shut during the day to lessen dust buildup in the bedroom.

3Learn the Various Ways to Relieve Allergies

One of the most useful allergy tips is to learn how to relieve allergies once you have them. A common way to relieve allergies is to take medications for it. You can also try natural remedies if you want to avoid the side effects of allergy meds.

One of the best tips to relieve allergies is to take preventative measures. Consider inhaling steam to ease a stuffy nose. You can also use natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda to lessen the effects of harsh chemicals on your sinuses.

4Consider Immunotherapy

If you don’t want to keep revisiting your experiences, consider immunotherapy. This allergy treatment involves exposing you to low doses of the allergens. Later, your doctor will increase the dose until you build immunity to the allergen.

Depending on how your body takes to the therapy, you can be free of your allergies in three to five years. It’s a slow process, but it’s worth it in the end.

5Practice Safety When Cutting the Lawn or Gardening

Is the grass on the lawn growing too high for your liking? Do you have a green thumb but are also allergic to pollen? Other than yourself, you also need to take care of your home to lead a good lifestyle.

However, people with allergies to pollen may find this more challenging. One way to prevent allergens from entering your system is to avoid mowing the lawn or raking leaves. There are several alternatives to that, including getting someone else to do it.

When someone is mowing the lawn near your home, shut the windows and doors. Sealing your home during mowing day will keep the pollens out of the home. If you must tend to your garden, avoid touching your face and eyes.

6Make It a Habit to Change Your Filters

A good strategy for avoiding allergic reactions is to get an air filter installed in your room or home. Your air filter will take out the allergens from the air and circulate the cleaned around the home. It’s a great year-round prevention tool for pollen, dust, and dander.

However, air filters can also cause problems if you don’t change the filters often. That is why you need to make it a habit to change your air filters each month. It’s also a smart choice to use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

7Go Outside When the Pollen Levels Are the Lowest or During Rainy Days

Studies found that climate change can worsen allergies, even during the fall. Warmer temperatures also mean higher pollen counts. However, you can avoid that disaster waiting to happen by watching the weather and daily pollen count.

One of the top allergy health tips is to enjoy the outdoors when the pollen levels are at their lowest. Note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still safer to stay within your home. If you must go outside to get groceries or other essentials, consider going when the pollen levels are low.

8Clean Your Pets Often (or Have Someone Else Do It)

The final entry in our allergy prevention tips is to keep your pet clean often. The fur of dogs, cats, and rodents can carry dust. Paired with pet dander, you may find yourself feeling terrible from the reactions you may get from it.

It’s not wise to keep a furry pet around if you have allergies. However, in family settings, you may find that kids can learn a lot from taking care of a pet. If someone else in the home can take care of the pet’s bathing and brushing, have them do it instead.

If you have dander allergy, keep your pet out of your bedroom and off the couch. Also, if your kids or partner must brush your pet, they should do it outside of the house. This way, the allergens don’t get spread in the house.

Breathe Well and Stay Allergy-Free This Fall

Remember that practicing cleanliness is your best weapon to fight against allergies. Try to keep a regular cleaning schedule for your home, pet, and workspace. This can help lower the number of times you feel the effects of your allergies so you can be comfortable.

That ends our guide on the top eight allergy tips for you. Did you enjoy reading this guide on preventing and protecting against your allergies? If you want to see more content on how to keep your sinuses clear, check out our other guides.


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