Adding a Porch to Your Property: A Guide


The entry to your home is a big part of a visitor’s first impression, and this doesn’t just apply to a property’s look, but also what it has to offer your visitor. Having some shelter from the elements can be a great way to begin caring and providing for a visitor before they even knock on the door.

Adding a porch or a canopy to a property can also be a great way to add value to a home, while adding practicality, as well as a feature with some style. Here is a quick guide to adding a porch to your property.

Do You Need Planning Permission from Local Government?

You may be surprised, but even for a small porch or canopy,you may have to get approval from your local authority.

Some regulations will consider a fully enclosed porch to be an extension to the property, and will require plans to be submitted and perhaps a site inspection. Many local governments try to streamline this process for small porches and canopies, by setting size limits within their regulations.

If your porch or canopy is below certain dimensions, it may not be subjected to as much regulation or inspection, and submitting plans may a simple formality. It is well worth checking the local regulations before planning your porch.

Do You Want a Canopy or an Enclosed Porch?

It is important to consider all the options your budget allows. A fully enclosed porch can often be expensive to construct with quality materials, and heavier and more durable materials will often require foundations or footing to be laid in order to create a safe structure.

A popular option is to install a canopy. Canopies are a much more cost-effective option, as the price of a quality canopy offers a lot more value than that of a cheaply constructed, fully enclosed porch. Canopies come in a number of contemporary designs, with integrated features like lighting and even security cameras. If you can find a canopy supplier in your area, then you should definitely consider installing a canopy.

What Design Would Suit the Property Best?

The design of your porch or canopy is very important. You want to choose a design that complements not just your property, but also the surrounding properties in your area.

It is important that your canopy or porch does not look out of place and suits its surroundings. Having an ultra-modern, glass and steel construction would probably look strange on an old cottage in a rural area. You don’t want your home’s new addition to become a local eyesore to the ire of your local community.

If you can find the right design, you may discover the opposite is true. Your lovely new canopy or porch will quickly become the new trend of the neighbourhood, and you will see copycat designs popping up on properties throughout the community.

Giving a guest some shelter and bringing some style to the front of your home can be easily accomplished with a new porch or canopy. Providing some shelter for a visitor is a great way to begin a new friendship, or rekindle an old one.


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