70 Best Gifts Ideas for Birthday


All of us love chocolates don’t we regardless of age so wish birthday with chocolate bar with a customized note with your message, excellent idea isn’t it. There are many other creative ideas for birthdays which you can give to friends, family and relatives. The best part is these birthday gift ideas are all below 500rs so these will not make a hole in your pocket, few are even less than 300rs so spread love show your affection with gifts.

  1. A birthday balloon with name of persons birthday
  2. 5 candy bar with love notes to wish birthday
  3. Bracelet with sun sign
  4. Printable magnets  with birthday message
  5. A coffee mug with you and your friends photos
  6. A frame with some good pictures of birthday girl/guy
  7. Vouchers for spa to relax
  8. Chocolate filled basket with variety of chocolates is perfect as chocolate gifts for girls work wonders.
  9. Birthday message and gift in a jar
  10. Lot of cup cakes decorated carefully
  11. Pearl or beaded necklace for ladies it works well
  12. Manicure kit for ladies coz they love pampering themselves
  13. Wooden keychain  with  birthday girl/ guy name with a special message
  14. A perfume bottle
  15. 3-4 nail polishes well packed for girls trust me they will love it
  16. A good hand bag need nod be branded though, you can pick from online stores you will find plenty under 700rs
  17. Homemade cookies box’
  18. A dark chocolate cake perfect birthday gift
  19. A good vase with flowers
  20. Lipstick if you are gifting to females they are too obsessed with lippies
  21. Stone studded fashion earrings you can buy online
  22. A  facial kit
  23. T-shirt with birthday persons picture
  24. A belt
  25. Wallet for him/her
  26. Wine bottle for celebration
  27. Hair accessories like pins, hair bands, etc.
  28. Fashion necklace
  29. Homemade chocolates with different flavors
  30. You can buy best sweets from famous sweet shop to make the birthday more sweeter
  31. Book if he or she is an avid reader
  32. New cell phone flip with birthday persons photo
  33. Candle with good aroma
  34. A greeting card with chocolates and  gifts for girls  is a  great option too.
  35. Fresh flowers with chocolates
  36. A teddy bear with love message
  37. Makeup palette for  her
  38. Fashion watch you get many these days online under 500rs
  39. Goggles these days its trending hot so you can choose from wide range of goggles
  40. Essential oils pack
  41. Shoes but before buying ensure you know the correct size
  42. You can buy a dress also under 600rs or even below 400rs online.
  43. Dvds of favorite films
  44. Kajal and nail polish combo
  45. A basket of good snacks
  46. A basket full of tetra packed fresh juices in mixed flavors
  47. Stroll for her
  48. Saree for her but before buying chcek if she loves draping the 9 yards or not
  49. Kurti for her you can choose to shop online
  50. Ganesha idol
  51. Loved shaped red pillow
  52. Movie tickets for you and him/her
  53. One night stay at a resort near bye if your budget permits
  54. Beauty parlor coupons
  55. Amazon coupons for shopping so that the birthday person can shop something of his/her choice
  56. Order pizza with some coke and surprise
  57. Dry fruit box to show you care
  58. A pen with name of birthday person on it to customize
  59. Jewellery box for her
  60. Desk organizer to put all files, papers in place
  61. Creative paper weight
  62. Lingerie or sexy underwear, be careful to gift this only to your fiancé or wife not others
  63. A scenic photo frame
  64. Decoration items for room
  65. A  jar filled with different candies, chocolates, bars, chewing gums, with a love message
  66. Love book with photos
  67. Locket with photos inside
  68. A cocktail ring or simple finger ring
  69. Bone-china crockery
  70. Coffee vouchers for you and birthday person.

Summary: Above are some great gifting ideas that are sure to bring a smile on the persons face you gift so go ahead explore from wide range of ideas.


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