5 Ways to Add Tech to Your Backyard


A garden is more than just a place where you plant your flowers – it is a priceless asset! The options are open and you can turn your garden into basically anything, from a place to drink your morning coffee to a party area. But, if you really want to make the most of it, try putting an extra touch of technology into it. Here are some ideas how to do that.

BBQ 2.0

Barbecues are not that hard – put some meat on the grill, wait an hour and that is it! But, the newest generation of barbecue masters goes a step further and uses apps that help them do everything more efficiently. These measure the temperature of your meat, alert you when you have to pay extra attention to it, suggest how much grilling different kinds of meat require, etc. So, if you want to bring barbecuing into the 21st century, this is something you must not miss.

Outdoor Cinema

Install an outdoors cinema is one of the easiest, yet most entertaining things you can do in your garden. It can be set up really quickly, as longs as you have a projector, a projection screen and some chairs. Also, an outdoor cinema is very adaptable and you can combine it with other modern garden ideas that can are suitable for everyone.

Solar Power Lamps

Solar Power Lamps

What does every garden need? A cool set of lights. And what does every garden have? An abundance of solar energy. So why not combine these two things and install night lights that run on solar power? You can be as creative as you wish and place lights all around the garden to create the most soothing atmosphere.

Security and Comfort

People who advocate extra security around the garden sound too paranoid at first, but, knowing the crime rates and how many burglars use gardens to target homes, this fear is justified. That is why installing a CCTV system is not just a good way to keep your house safe, but also allows you to monitor what is going on in your garden. Moreover, you can consider a whole-home system as well and control everything using your smartphone – from the poolside music and indoors temperature to outside lighting and the aforementioned security system.

To Mow or Not to Mow

Big gardens are great, but mowing them – not so much! That is why a robot that does this for you is a thing you most definitely need this summer. This means that you can finally throw away that heavy lawn mower you have been hiding in the garage and, since these robots are much, much smaller, they will also save you quite a lot of storage space. Not to mention the fact that they mow faster and better than you ever could!

Further Considerations

A nicely decorated garden requires a tuned up tech support that will make it even better. Due to that, Bluetooth wireless speakers, smart irrigation system, electronic bug zappers and solar chargers for your mobile devices are the things that will make your garden more modern and, ultimately, more enjoyable.


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