4 Must-Try Street Foods of Mumbai


Are you willing to head to Mumbai this season? Well there are numerous choices when you Book Flights from Doha to Mumbai but it’s suggested to choose the one that benefits you in terms of comfort plus value. Right after you are done with all the booking and formalities, it’s time to hop into the true fun mania. Travelling Mumbai is as good as roaming around the entire India as it gives you almost every glitch that lies one might come across while touring India. Since we are into an Appetite-Umbrella specifically so let’s dig into what Mumbai Streets have to tease your taste buds;

Pav Bhaji

‘Just what I needed’, that’s what many say after having the first bite while feeding that terrible crave or hunger of 5PM. If you are looking for the true traditional yum of Pav Bhaji in Mumbai, just enjoy the 5 minutes-walk from Mumbai Central stations to show up at Sardar’s Refreshments. When you order it, 2 metal plates arrive within minutes and the fragrance is so enticing that you can’t resist. One contains the vegetable masala that’s mainly straddled by a butter slab and the other one will filled with fluffy rolls that seem to have finely buttered the bread yellow. For sure, it’s no less than finger licking for you to enjoy the true essence pav bhaji.


If you miss the skewered Kebabs, you might regret. For that, you can head to the Muhammad Ali Road. There, one can easily find them hanging from smoking stalls that more seem like sizzling curtains. If you are new to Mumbai and have got fenced with tons of verities, it’s better to start with the Beef Seekh Kabab. Seekh is mainly known to be a rod that carries Beef rolled over it that’s finely cooked over the pile of burning coal making sure that it doesn’t get burnt. If you are very much into spicy food, it’s time for you to enjoy the outside crisp and inside burn of yum.

Vada Pav

It’s simply one of the most delicious grab-an-go snack for almost everyone in Mumbai. Let’s check out what you get in it. This snack is the perfect formation of Potato patties that are mashed with garlic, coriander and chilies. Then it’s dipped in a chickpea flour and laid in a well-buttered white bap that’s called ‘Pav’. Pav is mainly spread with coriander chutney and sprinkled with chili powder as well as garlic. Almost everyone in Mumbai admires that amazing snack and especially the students and businessmen do love to have a bite of in the evening.

Chicken Tikka Rolls

When you planned to Book Flights from Doha to Mumbai, you had no idea what you will come across especially for food. Chicken Tikka Roll is also one of the most delicious street food of Mumbai that has simply left many tourist with no less than a deep yum. Chicken might not have been that much delicious ever seriously. In this roll, the meat is rolled in a steaming romali roti. Romali Roti is really soft and thin as handkerchief. Before wrapping, it’s topped with finely strips of fried onion and it’s so juicy already that it doesn’t even need any sauce. Do have a bite if you want to try something really amazing.

In a nutshell, your mouth watering is quite obvious if you were imagining while reading. So when Book Flights from Doha to Mumbai, you need to make up your mind for what package of fun and appetite you are heading to. People and Shopkeeper in Mumbai are very hospitable so some might not even let you pay if they discover that you are a tourist.



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