Advanced countries of the world have reached the zenith of development due to their emphasis and implementation of high technology and research backed by a solid educational system. The students of not so developed countries are rightly attracted towards on opportunities to educate themselves in these countries. The process has gained momentum in recent past and now all universities and reputed educational institutes offer many programs for overseas students.

In this article, we will explore ten reasons why students are attracted to education abroad.

Exposure to other culture:

To travel and getting exposed to foreign cultures is the instinct of human being. Going to foreign lands in pursuit of having a cultural orientation with other societies, has always been a tradition. Many great travelogues are the result of this intellectual journey. Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, for example, traveled vast areas of the world and documented their experiences.

Young students around the globe now travel to foreign lands for getting first-hand knowledge of other cultures. They come to know about cultural diversity and resultantly acquire respect for cultural and religious norms different from their own.

Getting a quality education:

The strongest motivation for students to go abroad is to obtain a quality education in the discipline of their choice. In many cases, it is a course either not available in their own countries or if being taught, does not contain required quality level.The better faculty required infrastructure and above all, greater international recognition as factors which help students to opt foreign education.

Lucrative Career Prospects:

A very important factor for going abroad in relation to acquiring a foreign degree is employability in the international job market. In many cases, foreign degrees are considered as a sure source to obtain better job postings in multinational companies with hefty entry level and mid-career earnings.

Thousands of students each year from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reach Australia, Canada, UK and USA, registering themselves in courses like Software Engineering, Nursing, Finance and Business Management.

Personal Development:

Many students opt a foreign education opportunity to groom themselves personally and develop the personality. Living in alien cultures and facing challenges of financing and coping with harsh realities of life, prepares people for accepting challenges and taking initiatives.

Self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem are three byproducts of this whole exercise of offshore educational endeavour, which students obtain at such an early stage of their careers.

Getting the chance to know and improve foreign languages:

One advantage which is an integral part of foreign education is polishing skills of learning and communicating in foreign languages. When you make friends from different countries, you are bound to learn languages. This is a huge benefit of foreign education.

I have come across many persons having communication skills in multiple languages and getting immense benefits of this in their career and social interaction.

Broadening of vision:

While being educated in foreign lands one acquires thinking with new perspectives. While living abroad, one must visit as many cities and communities as possible. This will broaden your vision and you will be able to look and think differently.

One thing which is a sure outcome of foreign education is that you come with a worldview, having tolerance and appreciation of the dignity of labour.

Know how to survive in the tough competitive environment:

The foreign lands prove a battlefield where survival of the fittest is the rule of the game.

Previously you faced competition from students from your own country. Now it is a global scenario and competition often is cut throat. So, when you know the tricks of the game of survival you become tough and competent.

Global networking:

Living with diversity blesses one with a vast global reach to friendship circle which is immensely beneficial for career and social development. The student if develops good relationships during a stay in foreign shores becomes a true international citizen. He actually has a wide network of resources to rely on.

Learn new skills:

Studying and staying abroad, provides multiple opportunities to foreign students for learning new sets of skills as compared to back at home. If you are in an advanced western country, you are bound to learn useful skills in the areas of interpersonal behaviour, communication, leadership, and computer and management. Most of the skills will be part and parcel of your education programs. However, you can learn many skills on need basis as well.

Improved CV

A benefit which comes automatically with international education is a much improved and impressive CV, enhancing your value in both domestic and international job markets.



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