4 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


Clean air is important. The quality of air you breathe should never be understated, as what you breathe in has substantial impact to your health. Naturally, you’ll want make sure that next breath of air you take is clean.  For those who seem to have trouble or concerns about what the quality of air might be around the home, there are plenty of tips and tools to aid the quest for breathable fresh air.

1. Open Windows

A simple tip, for sure, but sometimes it’s better to keep things basic! Opening windows around the house can lead to better airflow, as well as aiding in removing unpleasant odors or clearing dust from the air. Think of it as a natural air freshener with the wind gently aloft along your home’s halls, keeping things nice and fresh. Of course, results may vary if you live in a not-so-clean-smelling area.

2. Air Purifiers

The next logical step to keeping air clean would be through the use of air purifiers. They assist with removing airborne objects such as pollen, dust, and other things you’d rather not breath in. According to ForHealtyAir, the best kinds of purifiers use HEPA filters, high-efficiency particulate arresting devices that make the air you breath in 99.9% clean.

3. Regular Maintenance

This goes without saying, but the regular maintenance and upkeep of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (or HVAC) systems is important to assuring your air is clean. Air ducts get dirty over time, and holding off on a scheduled cleaning could cause the air you breathe to be low quality.  Thankfully, there are many services that can help with such maintenance, and keeping all of your systems up to date and working properly will save you stress in the long term.

4. Keep Carpets Clean

This might sound a bit silly, but keeping your carpeting clean can mean all the difference in clean air. According to Family Handyman, carpets can be a magnet for dust and other such airborne debris, so making sure they stay clean can be a useful tip for combating dirty air. Deep cleaning, heavy vacuuming, and taking your carpet outside to beat the dust out of it, can all contribute to keeping your home’s air fresh. Of course, there’s also the option of getting rid of carpets entirely.

When it comes to keeping your air clean, there are many ways you can make sure it stays that way. Open windows provide a breeze to flush out dust. Air purifiers are a welcome tool that’ll eliminate most air pollutants within the house. Regular maintenance of your HVAC systems will assure that what you breathe in will always be clean. Carpets can be huge attractors for dust, so cleaning them is key to keeping your air clean. With these tips in mind, your air indoor air quality will improve.


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