Seven Ways to Have A Better Experience With Cannabis


1Heading into Your Headspace

From the most seasoned, music festival hardened veteran to the green gilled newcomer excited to try their first brownie, bad trips happen. Marijuana and cannabis can have amazing effects, but they can also leave you feeling amazingly bad.

With these seven tips, you are sure to have a smoother, easier ride. If nothing helps, just remember it’s not permanent. If it is, you’ve just became a trillionaire if you found a strain that can give you a buzz for life. It’s really a win, win.

2Start Small, Breathe

If that brownie hit just after you thought it wasn’t going to or a hot box in a car with an old friend left you disoriented, breathing deeply, from your diaphragm, is always going to help you center yourself.

Breathe in through your nose slowly, as much as you can without straining. Hold it in for a count of three then exhale as much as you can, for as long as you can, without feeling like you are gasping for air. After a moment, your body will reach a more oxygenated state and can help give you clarity and focus.

3CBD etoxification

Many users of THC products use CBD to counteract unwanted psycho active effects. When the cerebral buzz gets to be too much, using CBD can neutralize the feeling with a more heavy, bodily high. This can lead to an overwhelming need to stop, still ones’ mind, and, possibly sleep.

Paranoia and anxiety can be stilled, and quelled, by CBD. Most bad trips center around a feeling of uneasiness and stimuli overload. The body itself is designed with receptors for both CBD and THC. Therefore, the CBD receptors won’t be affected by the THC receptors and vice versa. One doesn’t counter the other necessarily. CBD merely focuses on the body generally more than the mind.

If CBD is what is making you have a bad trip, try the other six methods or maybe introduce THC into your experience. Being couch locked or unable to feel motivated by anything is a bad trip in its own right for some.

4Mangoes, Chocolate, Tea

Foods all have their own effects. Especially those that are natural. Mangoes for instance have potent terpenes that actually work with the terpenes found in THC to promote a calmer high – on top of being absolutely delicious!

Chocolate has long since been held in high regard for its ability to affect our chemistry. Naturally, chocolate releases chemicals causing a euphoria. Piggyback the good vibe of chocolate on the gravy boat of marijuana and you’ve got a nice one-two combo for an easy ride.

Tea is great for refocusing and sharpening the senses. Many cultures believe marijuana and cannabis open certain energy passages as well. Tea is great for maintaining clarity. Try black or oolong for a good dose of reality. If you can get it as the leaves with a distiller it’s an amazing way to come down.

5The Hypothalamus Is A Pal to All of Us

In your body, you have something called the hypothalamus. It’s not a mythical creature, it’s the part of your body that does all sorts of wonderful things including temperature control. A good method to take your mind out of a funk is to eat cold food and lower your core temperature. Your hypothalamus will register the change and you will feel the cold begin to bring you back to earth.

Hitting a giant bong toke is no easy thing for someone who isn’t accustomed to it. It can leave you feeling nauseous and disoriented. A cold compress on the back of the neck can do wonders for a bad buzz.

6Park It

A good way to counter unwanted feelings caused by marijuana is to go for a walk, and a great place to do that is in a public park. Not only is there a ton of things to distract you from why you aren’t having a good time, the elevated oxygen levels and natural 7 MHz frequency of nature combine to bring one down to a nice level.

When in nature, a great technique to get ahold of yourself is an ancient practice called earthing. Simply dig a hole, take off your shoes and comfortably fit with your feet in the hole directly connecting you to the earth. The calming effects can be felt almost instantly by even the most skeptical trippers.

7Music, The Great Communicator

Music soothes the savage beast, and it can also help to tone down a savage, out of control trip. The way your favorite music influences your brain is unique. If you hear the music you love most, your brain begins to produce serotonin. This chemical is a natural pain killer and mood lifter.

In addition, the act of listening to music gets your brain to focus on the beat and lyrics and can distract you from the feelings you don’t want to be feeling. There’s nothing like the right song at the right time to turn your experience around.

8Don’t Partake If It’s A Mistake

The last tip may seem obvious, but not partaking in marijuana is the easiest way to avoid a bad trip. Everyone has a different physiology and psychological profile. Not everyone can deal with the effects of THC and/or CBD. If you don’t have a great tolerance, don’t be that person who keeps looking like they are going to throw up at a moment’s notice. It’s not fun for you, it’s not fun for those around you.

9Do, Or Do Not, But Control Your High

When it comes to knowing how much of an edible you can handle or how many dabs you can handle, know your limits and be responsible. You don’t want to be out with friends who are waiting for you to constantly decide whether to throw up or not. Know what you are putting in your body, what your body can and can’t process, and find what works for you. As with anything, remember, moderation is key.


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