3 Unconventional Sporting Activities You Should Try


When people think of exercise, they often jump straight to the idea of 6am jogs, or hours in the gym, sweating it out on the treadmill. This can often lead to early abandonment of goals due to not enjoying exercising. If you’ve discovered that the gym isn’t for you, have a think about trying different, perhaps more enjoyable ways of getting fit or burning calories. If you’re not sure where to start, read on for ideas of unconventional exercise you can try!


Yes, you read that right and no, I haven’t just made that up. Yogalates is a real sport that combines the benefits of strength training of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga. Most of the yogalates exercises focus on the core muscles whilst working on other parts of the body, meaning you burn calories and tone up at the same time. This form of exercise is becoming increasingly popular throughout the US, and there are many trained yogalates instructors. Check out the classes at your local fitness center, as you may be surprised at what you find! And don’t be afraid to try something new. Take a look at the other health benefits of yogalates to give you all the more reasons to try out this fabulous exercise!

Figure Skating

This is a sport that is very rarely considered for health and exercise purposes. However, its benefits are incredible; in fact, skatingis better for us than traditional aerobic exercises such as cycling and running. This is because it works almost every major muscle group, including the joints. Not only does it build muscle and increase strength, but it also burns calories, helping to shed the pounds. Ice skating is so much fun, so if you’re fed up of doing the same routine at the gym every day, what’s stopping you from trying out figure skating as a healthy activity? Search for your nearest ice rink to get started!

Aerial Arts

Aerial arts is a type of practice in which you perform aerial dance and acrobatics whilst hanging from fabric, from the ceiling. Sounds scary, right? But just trust me on this. Some of the most common are ‘Silks’, ‘Hoop’, and ‘Trapeze’, which are all equally amazing to perform and watch. Take a look at some photos; they’re sure to inspire you. One of the best things about this sport is that anyone can do it! Just have a look at this beginners guide for more information. If you’re hesitant to start because you’re not sure if you have the strength, think about joining beginner-friendly aerial arts courses, as it means you can start with the basics, and everyone there will be in the same boat.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for new sporting activities you can try- either alone or with a friend. With a range of health benefits, both physically and mentally, these sports will get you on the way to feeling great and reaching your goals, whatever they may be!


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