The Ultimate Guide for The First Date


Our teenage is full of excitement and the best about that excitement is crushes, love, flirts, and dates. However, we are sure, when you will be reading this, a lot of memories will revisit your brain. When two people like each other, they do not want to ruin their connection and that is why they are so anxious about their first date. Here is a list of the first date dos and don’ts that everyone should understand through and through before going on a date.

Pick A Great Place

 The first thing after your partner has said yes, you should think of an amazing place. Remember, it is your first moment as loves, therefore, make it as special as you can. It is not at all compulsory to a table in a five-star restaurant. You both may like the open sky where no one comes so frequently. Or maybe you want to go for a long drive before you find the perfect spot of you to spend some time together.

What Can You Order

The biggest mistake people do in order to impress their partner is be what they ain’t. Why commit such a blunder on your first date? In fact, if you do not like anything specific in the food then do not eat it just for the sake of your first date. Say out loud that you do not like it. Also, do not order much. Maybe later on both of you do not feel like eating it and have to throw away the food. Remember, avoid messy dishes like spaghetti or seafood platter.

Mind What You Talk

A lot of excitement can be harmful to your first date as you may end up sharing a lot of details about you. Do you want to scare your partner on the first day? Well, certainly not! Therefore, relax and let the partner do the talking. You try to involve in his or her conversation without being the offensive one.

Asking Questions can Build The Relationship

Well, asking questions about the partner can be an amazing way to know him better. The key to any great conversation is the way it happens. An effortless conversation will just flow and you will see connecting with each other flawlessly. However, just do not cross the line.

Keep A Close Eye on Yourself

Do not get carried away on your first day. Listen to what you are speaking and watch your actions. The way you maintain your calm and remain at ease will decide how well will your first date go. People do judge each other on the first date and ensure you act yourself but keep your headstrong too.

Show How Well Can You Dress Up

 How you present yourself is the key to make or break your look on the first date. You do not want to disappoint the partner that is why you need to have a perfect look. We try everything in our closet to find the perfect outfit. We overthink about everything and anything. Your outfit also depends on whether it is a coffee date or a dinner date. Here are a few tips that will help you look stunning for your first date.

  • Wear Your Favorite Dress

 Do not experiment with your look. If you know that there is one dress in your closet that makes you look perfect then pick that dress only. Avoid last minute changes and trend following. Also, clothes are the right partner to feel the utmost comfort. Pick colors that people say you look stunning in and dresses that people compliment you for.

  • The Location Decides The Look

Before you pick the outfit, know where the location is. Imagine, wearing high heels when he has planned a long walk with you after the dinner or wearing a jacket so that you do not feel cold inside a restaurant but she wants to sit out with you under the shining stars. To focus on each other, your mind should be on the date and not on the heels or the outfit.

  • Do Not Over Accessorize Yourself

 If accessories are a part of your killer look then keep it subtle and pick nice quality and design of any accessory you want your look to be perfect with. If chains are close to your heart then try Frost Nyc to pick the best fit for you. Also, avoid cufflinks as they are only for a formal look.

  • Do Not Show All That You Have

Are you sure you want to show what you got all on the first date? What if this lasts for a long and you want to make every day as special as it was the first time. Do not be overdressed or under dressed for your first meet. In order to make the first impression everlasting, make the first date and look both amazing.

  • Avoid Clothes That Kill You From Within

Have you ever worn clothes that take your breath away? You do not feel comfortable eating anything in the clothes you have worn and there is no room to sit comfortably. If your outfit is not a relaxing one then your date will get affected badly. Avoid leather pants as it may expand or contract with the temperature change.

  • Be Who You Are

In the words of Jennifer Baumgartner, the author of What Your Clothes Say About You, “the worst clothing is the kind that tries to undo, ignore or hide where or who you are, or the kind that shows you didn’t pay attention to your body/age/situation”. Therefore, do not wear anything just because you found that look on the internet today.

  • Start with A Simple Look

If you are not so sure what look will make the data awesome, try keeping it simple pair of jeans with a nice T-shirt and then give your clothing a tinge of accessories or layers. Sunglasses, a coat or a jacket is what you need to wear according to the location and the weather.

Do Not Plan A Movie

Going on a movie on the first date is not a good idea at all. Your first meeting is all about connection and knowing each other. The cinema does not provide that ease art all. In fact, you can visit an adventurous place in order to know your partner better. At least, this will give you enough time to see what your date is like.

Avoid Sharing Everything

On the first date, people tend to share everything. Right from ex to how many partners have you dated has nothing to do with your first date. It is better that you share your likes and dislikes and how you felt about being on the date. Hobbies and a bucket list can probably be a great stuff to talk about on the first date.

Do Not Lose Your Composure

 Accept it or not, we act very differently on the first date just because we do not want to screw up anything. Do not pretend to be someone else to impress your partner. If things work out for both of you, these things will come out eventually. Maybe then your partner feels cheated.

To conclude

 Being kind is another thing that you should remember during your date. Do not call the waiter with a whistle or be too harsh with your tone. If you do not like the company then do not give an excuse which sounds too lame. In fact, first going for a cup of coffee is great to know if you want to spend some more time with the person or not.



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