How Udyog Bandhu is changing the dynamics of doing business in Uttar Pradesh?


There are diverse heterogenity of industries in India. Some are private and some pertaining to the government departments. There is a strong hype of exponential growth in the upcoming future in the number of industries as well. More the number of industries more will be the problems relevant to funding and investment. In order to facilitate such investment among different sectors and regions of the industry, there is a state government organisation called Udyog Bandhu of Uttar Pradesh, India. It not just provisions investment but also resolve any sort of issue related to it. Udyog Bandhu is not just for the existing Industries but also it has its provision for all upcoming firms and ventures.

How is it helpful for Industrial Development?

It is pretty obvious that having a world-class infrastructure with the impeccable business environment is the optimum place for investment. Does Udyog Bandhu will help the state Uttar Pradesh to transform into the former. The lifestyle of any place solely depends upon economic growth. The better the economic growth the more enhanced Lifestyle will it have. And Udyog Bandhu actively encourages for the further progress of the state, Uttar Pradesh in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money. Udyog Bandhu is readily providing the cause to participate in a venture by offering the impeccable advantages. It has formulated engaging policies for high source contribution and is controlling rather than just responding to it.

The hierarchy of Udyog Bandhu follows three phases:

  1. District level
  2. Divisional level
  3. State level

The following phases operate under the district magistrate, Divisional Commissioner and the Honorable Chief Minister respectively. The meeting is of utmost importance to the entrepreneurs as all their issues are sorted here in the meetup. In regard to the power problems, the entrepreneurs are provided with different advice and suggestions to overcome the problem on an appropriate government level. More or less the problem is sorted out in the meeting itself still if there exists anything else then it is forwarded to the Forums or the committees. The meetings held by the forum are the committee member are broadly classified into four categories:

1. Tripartite meetings

The tripartite formal discussion is generally held on a monthly process. The divisions dealing with a specific area of activity included in this meeting are as follows:

  1. Public Works Department.
  2. Merchandising and marketing.
  3. Uttar Pradesh power corporation and energy.
  4. Industry departments.
  5. Panchayat Raj.
  6. Irrigation.
  7. Proceeds and earning.
  8. Industries related to food processing
  9. Firms related to agriculture.
  10. Exertion.
  11. Environment.
  12. Banks and financial corporation of Uttar Pradesh.
  13. Development of urban areas.

The problems from all the sectors mentioned above are collected and evidently, a plan is put forward for consideration implying to a situation or a fact.

2. Working group meetings

The 2nd category i.e. the Working Group Meeting is mainly established by law to deal with administrative aspects such as Labour, Processing of food, Environment, Financial Institutions, Information Technology, Address Policy of Banks, Compulsory Contribution to State revenue that is particularly levelled by the government and so on. It is similar to a Supreme Court is to the High Court. The issues which are pending in the tripartite meetings are brought into aspect and considered for deciding firmly in a course of action in here.

3. High powered committee meeting

As we know the Honorable chief minister supervises the meeting which is held under the high power committee. The committee constitutes of permanent members which are selected from the principal secretary the state level industry association and the secretary of the different department which are related to the industry and have been nominated. A prior acknowledgement request is sent to the Honorable Chief Minister who in return acknowledges for the commencement of the meeting provided he is free. Recently there was a meeting to make sure that there is proper availability of power in Uttar Pradesh under the chairmanship of The Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation.

4. Single table system

The different sectors related to any kind of compliance takes place under the single table system meeting. It is immensely facilitating the person who is setting of the business on financial risk in the hope of profit for a plethora of clearances. The clearance Azhar made irrespective of the department of the government. The district level nodal Agencies are also considered for dealing with the designated entrepreneurs in the Udhyog Bandhu society.

So concluding as we know that society is formed with the perspective of helping and promoting the industries and its infrastructure for the development and building an appropriate investing spot in the true sense of the word. The society is not letting any stone unturned be it from organising road shows to inviting political parties for contesting elections which can enhance the pace of development in Uttar Pradesh.


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